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2022 KFS Draft Kit

Get the low-down on the prospects in the upcoming draft. Getting the right selection, especially in deeper rounds, can put you in a great position for years to come

Still To Come

Diving into a players outlook, understanding the ability of the team to find how they play the game. Want to know more about a player? This is the way to do it.

Identifying players that are going to perform well above where you drafted them is how you win your league. Find players to target, or players to avoid.

Different teams play the game in different ways. Find target shares, red zone performance, and impact on coaching and rosters.

At the heart of everything we do is building tools to make good decisions. Buying this draft kit gives you access to all of them. Including our projections workbook and auction draft tool!

Stuck between two players? That’s when our consistency metrics come into use. Boiling down previous seasons results into a single rating- the exclusive King’s Consistency Ranting (KCR). Build a consistent threat.