Late Round Quarterback

Taking a quarterback in a late-round of your draft has long been spoken about by fantasy players. The last few Madden covers have been QBs and they score the most points. So surely, you should be getting one early? Nope! Here, we explain why that. Check out our other strategy articles here.

QB Now or Later?

The first thing to look at is how it can affect your team taking a QB early or late. To do this we are going to;

  • Use current year ADP to get examples of QB going early and late
  • Do the same for RB/ WR
  • Look at the 2019 points per game of both combinations

So lets get into it!

Team Early QB

Team Late QB

So as you can see you are far better drafting a QB later on a combined points per game basis. That’s before we even consider….

Streaming The Position

Streaming the position means you aren’t fixed to one player. Instead, you are happy to switch each week. Either by rotating with a bench option, or picking up another from the waiver wire. This strategy is more about the situation, rather than individual talent.

Starting Out The Season

Truly, when people say at the draft they are going to stream they shouldn’t be aiming for that. Instead, you should look to target a player that could blow up and become your every week starter. Examples of this for just the past two years are Lamar Jackson and Patrick Mahomes. However, you aren’t always going to pick up that player that is going to pan out.

Is Streaming Effective?

In a word- yes. Last season, how many different QBs do you think finished in the top 12? Well, I can tell you there were 39! More than the number of teams in the league!? So in targeting a streamer what are the things to look for?

Target Bad Defenses

This is obvious. You want your new starting player to have a matchup that should mean he has the best chance of scoring points. Last season, a matchup against Arizona meant you were pretty much going to get a good week from your QB.

QBs At Home

If you’ve ever owned Ben Roethlisberger, you know the pain of home splits. While not all QBs have the issue to the same extent- typically they perform better when they are at home.

Striking Gold

Remember, when it comes to ‘streaming’ you would like to find that late-round Quarterback that hits. But, don’t see what isn’t there. Each week you are looking to try and hit on a QB that has an easy matchup. So you might think you’ve found that guy. If that is truly the case, bench him and see if there is a dropoff.

If there isn’t, you are golden. If there is, move one and try and find that guy that will take you to the championship.

So those are the biggest draft tips I can give you to win your league, stay tuned this week as we release more articles to help you for your draft! Remember you can find us on TwitterFacebook and Instagram.

Image Credit: Kim Klement – USA TODAY Sports