Paul Marnie


Brief info

"I've been into fantasy football for around 12/13 years now, I am mostly a re-draft player with two out of my three ""main leagues"" being in this format, but do play in a handful of dynasty leagues, one of which makes up that trifecta of the big three.

I was fortunate enough to make my love of fantasy part of my career, when undertaking my Masters, I grounded my study in the context of fantasy football in the U.K. and the motivations of players to take part. This experience was probably the first time I really felt part of the ""fantasy community"" - using social media to reach out to players all over the country and having them share their experiences of playing fantasy football with me.

I am a content creator at heart, which lends itself well to my day job as Head of Digital Marketing for sports equipment retailer. Away from the office I spend some of my free time in-season creating pieces for my home league blog such as weekly recaps, waiver pick-ups and trade analysis.

For my sins I am a Miami Dolphins fan, 8-year old me thought Ace Ventura was the greatest film ever made and it is partially to blame for igniting my love of the NFL (100% to blame for my love of the Dolphins I'll add). Outside of football I am a big ""soccer"" guy (I'm using that word only for distinction purposes) and hold a season ticket at my local team Celtic. I've been an extremely casual golfer since I was a kid, playing when I can, and since the turn of the year have taken up Olympic weightlifting/Crossfit, which to my own surprise as much as anyone's, I am really enjoying."