Jerry Jeudy Traded To Browns - Fantasy Impact

Denver seem to be happy to make some big moves to start free agency, at least in emptying out the building. Wilson was the first one out, and Jeudy has followed him being traded to the Browns.

Jeudy was a first-round selection in 2020, taken ahead of CeeDee Lamb and Justin Jefferson, but has struggled to make anywhere near the same impact. Jeudy finished as a WR2 in his rookie season, but hasn’t been able to be a WR3 otherwise. Part of that is the inconsistent QB play, but he has also struggled with drops and injuries.

In moving to the Browns, he has maybe made himself the third receiver in this offense, behind Amari Cooper and David Njoku (at least for this season). One good sign is that Watson wasn’t the guy throwing the ball when the air game was effective.

That is a little bit of a negative too though, as Watson didn’t look like the polished passer he was in previous seasons. Jeudy could even struggle to get snaps in the offense, with Elijah Moore performing decently down the stretch for the team. Likely a WR3 at best this season.