Josh Jacobs Signs With Packers - Fantasy Impact

This signing was a bit of a surprise, given that the Packers already had Aaron Jones on the roster. But, the team opted to sign Jacobs and then release Jones later in the day.

When news first broke of the signing, it looked like we would have an ugly timeshare of a backfield, but that changed with the release of Jones. Combined with the team allowing A.J. Dillon to walk out of the building too, there are plenty of carries left vacant from this offense.

Jacobs has shown that he can be an effective runner, leading the NFL in rushing yards in 2022, before struggling in 2023 on a struggling Raiders offense. Currently, there isn’t a massive competition for targets, so despite the Packers not running the ball, Jacobs should be ok here for fantasy. If the Packers don’t bring in anyone else, then Jacobs is a solid RB1 option in this offense.

For dynasty, Jacobs contract might be a four-year deal on paper, but the Packers have the opportunity to get out of this contract at the end of the season if Jacobs doesn’t perform.

Image Credit: Darren Yamashita – USA TODAY Sports