Keenan Allen Traded To Bears - Fantasy Impact

The Bears are looking to make some big changes to their roster. Having the top pick in the draft, widely expected to be Caleb Williams, they are building around their offense ahead of the draft. Justin Fields does have to be watching all of these moves thinking “why did you not do this for me?” but there we go…..

Allen is a fantastic receiver, always able to get open and make plays. His performances allowed Justin Herbert to consistently feel comfortable, and that combination was one of the most reliable in the NFL. Allen is coming off the back of a season where he caught 108 passes for 1,243 yards and 7 TDs in just 13 games last season. Getting him for a fourth-round selection is a steal.

With this move, Allen does get a bit of a downgrade in fantasy value. With the Chargers he was the clear lead receiver in an offense that wanted to pass the ball. For the Bears, both of those are questionable with DJ Moore and Cole Kmet already in the offense and the amount of running the team has done recently. I do expect that to change if they do draft Caleb Williams though