Other QB Moves - Fantasy Impact

Free Agent Signings


Drew Lock Signs With Giants

There are rumours that the Giants are happy to move away from Daniel Jones. Lock played backup with the Seahawks though, so not sure he would end up being the QB answer for the Giants. More likely there to play backup.

Easton Stick Signs With Chargers

Backup for the Chargers returning to the team, not much more to say here.

Gardner Minshew Signs With Raiders

Minshew Mania was back in town last season, as the Colts needed him to step up once Anthony Richardson was injured. He performed well enough to get given the opportunity to sign for the Raiders, who need a QB to lead their offense. Not sure he will be consistently relevant this season, but he will have some streaming value.

Jacoby Brissett Signs With Patriots

With Jones traded away, the Patriots decided to make an old/ new start with Brissett signed at QB. Saw limited action for the Commanders last season, throwing just 23 passes. Signing a $8m one-year deal puts him in as a backup with some starter potential, especially if the Patriots decide to draft a QB during this draft.

Jameis Winston Signs With Browns

Slightly disappointed that Winston’s swagger won’t be part of the Saints offense anymore. Signing with the Browns makes him the backup behind Deshaun Watson, who missed time with injury last season. Could have some games where he appears, but going to be a bit-part role.

Jimmy Garoppolo Signs With Rams

Jimmy G signing with the Rams gives them a solid backup they can rely on. Carson Wentz was allowed to leave during the offseason, and Stenson Bennett missed all of last season due to injury.

Joe Flacco Signs With Colts

Flacco put on a show to finish the season last year with the Browns, coming off the couch to get the Browns into the playoffs (where they lost to the Texans). Should be a nice backup for the Colts if Anthony Richardson isn’t able to start the season.

Josh Johnson Signs With Ravens

Back up for the Ravens, especially with Tyler Huntley signing for the Browns.

Joshua Dobbs Signs With 49ers

Dobbs performed well last season, firstly for the Cardinals before moving over to the Vikings to finish the season. After Brock Purdy lead the 49ers all the way to the SuperBowl it’s hard to see him being beaten out for the starting role, but Dobbs is a decent fill-in if needed.

Marcus Mariota Signs With Commanders

Mariota offers Washington the potential to make a trade out of 2, and hand him the keys to the offense. Washington allowed Brissett to leave the building and traded away Sam Howell. Currently, Mariota is the only notable player in the QB room- but that will have to change.

Sam Darnold Signs With Vikings

Darnold signing with the Vikings seems bizarre. They’ve signed him to a $10m one-year deal, which should mean they have an easy out. Currently, with Cousins signing for Atlanta, the Vikings only have Darnold of note in their QB room. That will change at some point, likely through the draft.

Tyler Huntley Signs With Browns

The Browns signed two QBs this offseason, and with Watson missing some time last season, could this be a battle of backups? Or are they expecting Watson to miss more time?

Desmond Ridder Traded To Cardinals

Ridder was able to put some good tape together last season as he was the starting QB for the Falcons for the majority of the season- especially on the ground. However, he also showed his limitations as a passer (whether that was a limitation of the overall offense). Should be a good like-for-like backup for the Cardinals.

Justin Fields Traded To Steelers

Not really sure what to make of this trade now. The Steelers brought in Wilson quickly, and have now traded for Fields. With the limitations he has shown, think Wilson is going to get the first opportunity to play here, but Fields could get an opportunity to play at some point this season.

Kenny Pickett Traded To Eagles

Pickett wasn’t likely to start for the Steelers this season, after his struggles leading the offense in 2023, and the signing of Wilson at QB. Wasn’t sure he would leave though, but reports were that he decided to leave after the trade for Wilson. Moving to the Eagles, he knows he is going to be the backup, as Jalen Hurts is too good.

Mac Jones Traded To Jaguars

Well, Jones has been moved on. After being chopped and changed throughout last season as part of the struggling Patriots offense. Can’t see any world in which Jones displaces Lawrence as the starting QB, so Jones is limited to a backup play here.

Sam Howell Traded To Seahawks

Howell struggled leading Washington last season, but there weren’t many playmakers available for him to use. However, he was able to show that he can lead an offense, and rely on what he does have to make plays. With the Seahawks he has a clear upgrade of talent throughout the roster, and is set to compete with Geno Smith for the starting job.