Russell Wilson Signs With Steelers - Fantasy Impact

Wilson was officially released by the Broncos, with Denver taking a HUGE cap hit in letting him leave. That gave a team a unique opportunity to salvage him as an effective passer for a real cut-price contract for this season. The way his contract was structured allowed him to be able to sign a one-year deal with the Steelers for $1.2m, with $38m coming from the Broncos.

The Steelers now have Wilson and Kenny Pickett under contract, and Wilson is likely to be the starter for this season at least. Wilson’s time with Denver wasn’t great, struggling to make the impact his trade cost demanded. 

The Steelers offensive pieces are arguably more effective that the ones that he had in Denver, and Wilson will hope that they can help him make an impact this season (and potentially save his career). Wilson is going to be a decent late-round QB to take in redraft, as an upside option. For dynasty, there isn’t any movement on the low value of Wilson here. There isn’t any real commitment from the team here for him.

The arrival of Wilson though does have a decent impact on the pieces around him. Even the version we saw in Denver, with all of his struggles, are an upgrade on the inconsistent passers they have had in recent seasons. The deep-threat of George Pickens in particular could benefit from Wilson’s arm talent.