Saquon Barkley Signs With Eagles - Fantasy Impact

Barkley played on the franchise tag last season for the Giants, but didn’t come to a long-term deal. As a result, he entered free agency this offseason and was snapped up by the Eagles, signing a multi-year deal.

There were plenty of teams that were interested in bringing him in to lead their backfield, which likely helped him sign the deal he did. Barkley and the Eagles agreed on a three year, $38m deal that could end up paying out $47m if he hits all of bonuses ($26m guaranteed). 

The Eagles backfield doesn’t have Swift in it anymore, and even with Jason Kelce retiring this offense has plenty of talent on it’s offensive line. Playing on this high-scoring offense, that likes to run the ball, Barkley landed in a dream spot.

For redraft, his outlook for the coming season is bright and Barkley is going to be a high-valued selection. In dynasty, Barkely landed in a great spot and has probably had a boost to his value as a result. Barkley should be able to see this contract through, and is part of a great offense in the league.