Playing IDP Leagues

Playing in IDP leagues feels like it will be too much work on the face of it- but it really doesn’t need to feel that way! It really depends what you enjoy. Adding IDP to your league gives you the ability to use different strategies, more trading opportunities and more enjoyment to your Sundays!

Instead of ‘turning off’ when your offensive players are on you can now watch as your defensive players go to work.

What is a Dynasty League?

Instead of a traditional redraft league, where you start with a blank slate each season, you have players for as long as you want to hold them for. That means that there are more opportunities. Are you rebuilding? Are you contending for the title? It all changes your mindset, forcing to think about multiple years in your decisions.

League Settings

League settings are as varied as you like. And we could definitely write about it for as long as we wanted! The main things to consider are scoring and roster set up.


Scoring can really vary. Some leagues make sacks extremely valuable, while others will have high value on tackles.

Equally, to increase the value of defensive backs you could add points for passes defended. 


Again, you can vary this massively to put value to different positions. You should also make sure you pay attention to the positional designations that players are given. They can change from site to site and year to year. 

When to Draft IDPs

This is one of the questions that comes up more than any other when it comes to IDP leagues. The answer is that it depends.

It really comes down to the number of IDP starters compared to the number of offensive starters. The higher the ratio, the earlier you should grab a player so you have talent stocked up.

If you aren’t forced to start too many, then you can play matchups and the waiver wire with late selections with your starters.

If you need more help in playing in IDP leagues, or some advice just reach out. Remember you can always have a look at our analysis in the IDP section of the website. Or reach out on social media, you can find us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Or jump into our Discord server.

Image credit: Brace Hemmelgarn – USA TODAY Sports