Products Reviews (including our UK Draft Board flagship product)

We think that our products are great- especially our Draft Board (the only one in the UK). There are other products available on the market too that we think help enhance your NFL experience. So we wanted to do some reviews.

Our aim is to make sure you are fully informed about our purchase before you buy- that way you know how you can get the full usage from your purchase. That way you can be confident that you are getting the perfect product for your needs.

If you still aren’t sure, or want more details then reach out to us on our social channels. We are on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Being based in the UK our motto is simple, pay for the product- not shipping. All of our products are in the UK, meaning that you get fast despatch times and aren’t waiting for your product to arrive.

Draft Board 2020 King Fantasy Sports Draft Board UK

Draft Board 2020

| NFL, Product | No Comments
It is now officially draft season for 2020, meaning draft boards in the UK! This was our first product ever, and a big reason why we started the site. I…
Colts Dynasty Buys Making Your Own Rankings & Projections King Fantasy Sports

Making Your Own Rankings & Projections

| NFL, Product, Strategy | No Comments
Making your own rankings & projections doesn't need to be difficult. It might sound like there is alot involved in pulling them together- and there can be. You could spend…
NFL 2020: DraftKings Week Two Selections Dynasty Drafts QB3 King Fantasy Sports

Ultimate Draft Kit

| Fantasy 101, NFL, Product | No Comments
So we've mentioned the Ultimate Draft Kit a couple of times this week, as part of our Fantasy 101 series, and finally I'm going to break it down. One thing…
The 2020 Fantasy Football Consistency Collection Review King Fantasy Sports

The 2020 Fantasy Football Consistency Collection Review

| NFL, Product | No Comments
The 2020 Fantasy Football Consistency Collections is out, and written by a guy I know very well, so I thought I'll do a review of it. The guy in question…
Bob Lung's Consistency Guide 2020 Review King Fantasy Sports

Bob Lung’s Consistency Guide 2020 Review

| NFL, Product | No Comments
This is something I've wanted to review for a while: Bob Lung's consistency guide for 2020. It makes an appearance in my reading list every season, and 2020 is no…

2020 Stats Database: A brief review

| Product | No Comments
Our 2020 Stats Database (which you can find in our shop) might seem a bit of an odd product to have, but its value is incredible. Fantasy football is about…
UK Draft Board

UK Draft Board Free P&P

| Product | No Comments
This is our flagship product- the thing that started the idea of our site and shop. Being in the UK I was fed up with having to wait for ages…