Robust RB Strategy

A popular strategy for 2022 will be the robust RB strategy. It takes the opposite approach of the Zero RB drafts. It is certainly a popular strategy currently with the lack of true bell-cows. The rationale is that instead of fading the RB position and hoping to grab upside options, you hammer the position early to give yourself options. Then, you look to fill out the rest of your roster.

The exact round that you should start looking elsewhere is up for debate. But, I tend to view it as you should fill your starting RB slots and any flex options that you can start one in before. The strategy itself is far more effective the more players that you can start that are RBs, as you are able to really drive that advantage of selecting the elite early.

How to Implement this Strategy

WR Targets

You really need to think about the type of WR that you are aiming/ thinking that you are going to be able to obtain. You really want a mix of players that are likely to be given a good target share, and some players that are going to stand a chance of breaking out if things go their way.

Image Credit: Trevor Ruszkowski – USA TODAY Sports