Rookie Rankings

If you play in dynasty, then you’ll have to get ready for a rookie draft. Meaning rankings are needed! Get prepared for your draft now with our rankings. You find our other rankings pages here.

If you disagree with any of them, let us know- we are happy to move them around if you can make a strong case. If you do and we change them as a result- then we will send you a code to use in the store. Reach out to use on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

With our rookie rankings, we have written landing profiles for each of the players also. In reading those, you can better determine the potential outlook for each of the prospects, and their ability to score points in their career.

One player that isn’t ranked is Thaddeus Moss, he is certainly one player that I’m absolutely fine to draft with my last pick. His landing spot in Washington is just as good as he could’ve got. However, he isn’t ranked as coming into the new year he wasn’t drafted, and has concerns with injuries in previous years.

Rookie Rankings King Fantasy Sports

The rookie rankings are complied for the majority of leagues. That is taken to be leagues that operate a standard 1QB league (i.e. not Superflex or 2 QB).

The tiers have been placed to give an idea of which round they are likely to fall into, based upon 12-team leagues- so please adjust as required to suit your league.

Rankings are also just part of the story when it comes to drafting. You need to consider your own personal needs for your roster, including increased positional needs.