Blake Corum - RB - Michigan

Welcome to the rookie profile for Blake Corum. Blake Corum’s collegiate career at Michigan showcased a dynamic running back with a strong physical foundation and an intuitive understanding of the game. His performance, characterized by high productivity and versatility, positions him as a compelling prospect for the NFL draft.


Height: 5′ 7″

Weight: 205 lbs

Age: 23

40-yard dash: 4.53s

3-cone drill: 6.82s

20-yard shuttle: 4.12s

Vertical Jump: 35.5″

Broad Jump: DNP

Bench Press: 27

*age is at the start of player’s rookie year

College Stats

Rushing & Receiving Table
2020MichiganBig TenFRRB626773.0257314.60311504.82
*2021MichiganBig TenSORB121449526.611241415.9116810936.512
*2022MichiganBig TenJR1224714635.91811807.3125815436.019
*2023MichiganBig TenSRRB1525812454.827161177.3127413625.028
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Notable Headlines

Blake Corum’s collegiate career at Michigan is marked by remarkable achievements that underline his significant progression each year, culminating in setting new records and breaking existing ones. In the 2023 season, Corum had an outstanding performance with 1,111 rushing yards, 25 rushing touchdowns, 117 receiving yards, and one receiving touchdown. This impressive season allowed Corum to break the Michigan program’s record for the most rushing touchdowns, previously held by Anthony Thomas, setting a new record at 56 career rushing touchdowns. 
Moreover, Corum’s contributions extended beyond single-season achievements. By the end of his collegiate career, he had amassed a total of 3,737 rushing yards over 45 games, with an average of 5.5 yards per carry and a total of 58 rushing touchdowns. His senior year saw him score 27 rushing touchdowns, marking a new single-season record for Michigan, further showcasing his ability to perform consistently at a high level. Notably, Corum also became the only player in the FBS to score in every game of a season, a testament to his reliability and scoring capability. Corum’s achievements also include becoming the tenth player in Michigan history to reach 3,000 career rushing yards and the first player with consecutive 1,000-yard rushing seasons since Denard Robinson. 

Scouting Report

Blake Corum stands out at Michigan with his unique mix of strength, speed, and smart play. Despite being 5’8″ and weighing 213 pounds, he uses his build to his advantage, moving through defenses with ease and speed. His ability to spot openings and dash through them has made him a major threat on the field. Corum’s skills don’t just stop at running; his quick decisions and ability to adapt to different play styles make him a valuable player for any offensive strategy.

Corum’s strategic approach to navigating through tight spaces and capitalizing on scoring opportunities is highlighted by his skillful use of blockers. By maneuvering around them, he adeptly avoids defenders, showcasing his ability to make the most of narrow paths. This attribute underscores his effectiveness in complex offensive scenarios, where quick thinking and spatial awareness are crucial. His agility and knack for quick adjustments are evident in his capacity to swiftly change direction when facing blocked routes, particularly in zone running plays. This agility, coupled with his ability to spot and exploit gaps with peripheral vision, marks him as a dynamic force in diverse offensive strategies. Corum’s quick reflexes and innovative mindset when tackling defensive challenges further demonstrate his deep football intelligence. Overall, his multifaceted skill set, including his exceptional vision on the field and his proficiency in utilizing blockers, enhances his role as a versatile player in various offensive schemes.


Blake Corum’s journey to the NFL is shadowed by concerns over his injury history and areas in his game that need refinement for him to thrive at the professional level. The durability question, highlighted by a significant knee injury, raises flags about his ability to endure the physical toll of the NFL season as a go-to back. Moreover, his skills in pass protection and receiving are pinpointed as areas requiring enhancement to fulfill the versatile demands of an NFL running back. These facets of his game are crucial for Corum to develop, ensuring he can contribute effectively in a wide array of offensive situations beyond just carrying the ball. 

Additionally, Corum’s potential limitations in terms of elite breakaway speed and the strength necessary for goal-line stands might confine him to a shared backfield role rather than as a primary running back. While his agility and capacity to navigate through defenses are impressive, the NFL values the ability to consistently convert long runs and power through tight goal-line defenses—traits Corum will need to demonstrate to secure a prominent role. As Corum prepares for the next step, addressing these weaknesses and showcasing his ability to overcome injury concerns will be vital in his transition from collegiate success to becoming a versatile and resilient NFL running back.

Pre Draft Analysis

Expected Draft Capital- Round 2/3

Landing Spots

Blake Corum emerges as a prime candidate for NFL teams aiming to strengthen their running game without using major draft capital, with the Arizona Cardinals and Minnesota Vikings standing out as potential fits. The Cardinals could see Corum as a dynamic addition to their backfield and eventual successor to James Connor. On the other hand, the Vikings, known for their zone-blocking scheme and a preference for a committee approach—especially given Alexander Mattison’s inconsistencies—might view Corum as an ideal fit. 

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