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Welcome to the rookie profile for Brock Bowers. Brock Bowers, emerging as a formidable NFL prospect, has captivated the attention of scouts and analysts alike with his exceptional blend of athleticism, technical skill, and on-field intelligence. As a tight end, Bowers has exemplified what a game-changer at the position looks like, demonstrating not just the blocking prowess expected of tight ends but also an extraordinary ability to contribute to the passing game.


Height: 6′ 3″

Weight: 245 lbs

Age: 21

40-yard dash: DNP

3-cone drill: DNP

20-yard shuttle: DNP

Vertical Jump: DNP

Broad Jump: DNP

Bench Press: DNP

*age is at the start of player’s rookie year

College Stats

Receiving & Rushing Table
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Notable Headlines

Brock Bowers, during his tenure at Georgia, not only led his team to two national championships but also received the John Mackey Award twice, marking him as the leading tight end nationwide. His college journey was highlighted by a unanimous All-American selection in 2023 and a first-team All-American in 2022, alongside being named SEC Freshman of the Year in 2021. Bowers also broke Georgia’s record for single-season receiving touchdowns with an impressive tally of 13.

Scouting Report


Bowers emerges as a standout in the tight end position, drawing attention for his unparalleled athleticism and versatile skill set. His athletic lineage, stemming from a family deeply rooted in sports excellence, provides a robust foundation for his remarkable prowess on the gridiron. He seamlessly integrates into offensive strategies, executing sweeps, reverses, and screens with finesse, consistently delivering game-changing performances that underscore his adaptability and football IQ. A defining trait of Bowers is his relentless drive/focus, which not only energizes his teammates but also establishes him as a dominant force on the field. This unwavering commitment, coupled with his exceptional physical attributes, positions him as a formidable presence in every game. 

Recognized for his proficiency in yards after catch, Bowers leads the pack among college tight ends, amassing an impressive 479 yards. As a receiver, Bowers exhibits elite ball-handling skills, ensuring reliability in every catch situation. Whether faced with tight coverage or open space, he demonstrates exceptional route-running and agility, outmaneuvering defenders with ease. While Bowers garners acclaim primarily for his receiving abilities, his potential as a blocker remains a noteworthy aspect of his game. His talent in this area suggests a promising trajectory, enhancing his value as a well-rounded player. In summary, Bowers’ unmatched athleticism, versatility, and unwavering dedication distinguish him as a rising star in football. With a skill set that transcends conventional tight-end roles, he is poised to make a significant impact at the professional level immediately.


Despite his many strengths, Bowers faces certain areas where improvement is needed to excel at the highest level. One such area is his route running, which could benefit from increased precision and consistency. While he demonstrates flashes of crisp route running, maintaining this level of execution on a consistent basis will be key to exploiting defensive weaknesses and maximizing his effectiveness in the passing game. Additionally, Bowers’ proficiency as an inline blocker leaves room for growth. While he shows promise in this aspect of his game, particularly in his willingness to engage with defenders, refining his technique and leveraging his physicality more effectively will be crucial in providing reliable protection for his quarterback and opening up running lanes for his teammates.

Pre Draft Analysis

Expected Draft Capital- Top 10 Pick

Landing Spots

Under Harbaugh’s leadership, the Chargers could prioritize bolstering their offensive arsenal by selecting Bowers with their first pick. His exceptional athleticism and versatility would complement the team’s offensive strategy, offering an outlet as a reliable receiving option. Harbaugh’s emphasis on player development and maximizing talent could unlock Bowers’ full potential, making him a valuable asset in the Chargers’ quest for a successful overhaul around Herbert.

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