Malik Nabers - WR- LSU

Welcome to the rookie profile for Malik Nabers. Malik Nabers, a standout wide receiver from LSU, has demonstrated remarkable progression throughout his collegiate career. Known for his explosive playmaking ability and dynamic presence on the field, Nabers has solidified himself as a top prospect for the 2024 NFL Draft.


Height: 6′ 0″

Weight: 200 lbs

Age: 21

40-yard dash: DNP 

3-cone drill: DNP

20-yard shuttle: DNP

Vertical Jump: DNP

Broad Jump: DNP

Bench Press: DNP

*age is at the start of player’s rookie year

College Stats

Receiving & Rushing Table
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Notable Headlines

Malik Nabers’ ascent from overcoming eligibility challenges in high school to achieving stardom at LSU encapsulates his exceptional resilience and talent. Transitioning smoothly into college, he quickly became an integral part of LSU’s offense, earning Freshman All-SEC honors and setting records with 1,569 receiving yards in his junior year, leading the FBS. His performance earned him unanimous All-American honors, a finalist spot for the Biletnikoff Award, and the SEC Co-Offensive Player of the Week, among other accolades. Nabers’ contributions were pivotal in LSU’s offensive dominance, and he concluded his college career as the school’s all-time leader in receptions and receiving yards, underscoring his indelible mark on LSU football history.

Scouting Report


Malik Nabers’ prowess on the field is underscored by his dynamic athleticism, making him a pivotal playmaker. His agility and speed are instrumental in evading defenders, enhancing his reputation as a significant deep threat and an agile weapon in space. Moreover, his ability to adeptly track and secure passes in various aerial situations solidifies his reliability as a quarterback’s target. Notably, Nabers’ skill in managing contested catches, leveraging his body positioning, and utilizing his strong hands to secure challenging receptions contributes to the offensive strategy, ensuring his role as a dependable asset during critical game moments. 

Transitioning to his run-after-catch capabilities, Nabers impressively morphs from a receiver to a formidable ball carrier, demonstrating not just elusiveness but also a notable ability to break tackles. This skill set transforms short receptions into significant gains, underscoring his potential to turn any play into a game-changing moment. His multifaceted offensive threat is further magnified by his versatility, effectively operating both in the slot and out wide, which promises immediate value in diverse offensive schemes at the professional level.


While Malik Nabers stands out for his on-field dynamism and receiving prowess, certain aspects of his game invite scrutiny for potential improvement as he transitions to the professional level. First and foremost, Nabers’ route-running repertoire, though effective at the collegiate level, may require further diversification and refinement to match the complexity and physicality of NFL defenses. The precision and variety in route execution seen in top-tier NFL receivers provide a benchmark Nabers could aim for, enhancing his ability to create separation against more sophisticated coverage schemes and physically adept cornerbacks. He has shown a tendency to get blown up on the line of scrimmage and get taken out of plays, which is a much-needed growth area. 

Additionally, Nabers’ engagement in run blocking has room for development. In the NFL, where the running game can be as crucial as the aerial attack, a receiver’s ability to contribute effectively to run blocking is invaluable. This facet of Nabers’ game, if improved, could not only increase his versatility and value to a team but also demonstrate a well-rounded skill set that goes beyond catching passes. As professional teams often seek players who can contribute in multiple phases of the game, elevating his blocking technique and effort could make Nabers a more complete player and a constant threat on the field

Pre Draft Analysis

Expected Draft Capital- Early Round 1

Landing Spots

Malik Nabers has emerged as a coveted prospect for the 2024 NFL Draft, captivating several teams with his standout season and promising skill set. Touted as a potential early first-round selection, Nabers’ versatility and knack for making plays have made him a prime target for franchises aiming to boost their receiving lineup. Among the teams speculated to have an interest are the New York Giants, New England Patriots, Arizona Cardinals, New York Jets, and Chicago Bears, each with distinct motives. The Giants might utilize him to diversify their offensive threats, while the Patriots could see him as the pivotal piece to enrich their pass options. The Cardinals could leverage his skills to elevate Kyler Murray’s game in a challenging division. The Jets, anticipating Aaron Rodgers’ return, could find in Nabers the depth needed to revitalize their passing game. Meanwhile, the Bears could count on Nabers to enhance their receiver group and make a stronger impact in their division.

Post Draft Analysis

New York Giants - Round 1, Pick 6

Landing Spot

The New York Giants invested heavily in their receiving corps by selecting Malik Nabers sixth overall in the NFL Draft. Nabers, an explosive athlete from LSU, boasts impressive physical traits, including a 4.35-second 40-yard dash and a 42-inch vertical jump. His ability to create big plays both after the catch and downfield is evident in his career average of 15.9 yards per reception. Nabers steadily improved throughout his college career, culminating in a dominant junior season where he led the FBS in plays of 20+ and 30+ yards. The Giants’ decision to prioritize Nabers over a quarterback in the first round suggests a strong commitment to surrounding Daniel Jones with elite playmakers. With a clear path to immediate targets, Nabers has the opportunity to establish himself as the Giants’ top receiving option from day one.

Fantasy Outlook

In redraft leagues, Malik Nabers has the potential to make an immediate fantasy impact in the 2024 season. As the Giants’ first-round pick and a potential target hog, Nabers should be on the radar of fantasy managers in all formats. His explosive playmaking ability and the Giants’ investment in him suggest a high ceiling for his rookie year production. In dynasty leagues, Nabers is a top-tier prospect with the potential to become a long-term WR1. His athleticism and big-play potential give him a fantasy ceiling that could rival or even surpass that of Marvin Harrison Jr. Dynasty managers should prioritize Nabers as a early first-round pick in rookie drafts. Additionally, Daniel Jones’ fantasy value receives a boost with the addition of Nabers, making him a more appealing option in the QB3 range for early best ball drafts. As always, it’s essential to monitor Nabers’ progress throughout training camp and preseason to gauge his readiness to contribute from week one. 

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