Sam Hartman - QB - Notre Dame

Hartman is potentially the most experienced college QB to enter the draft in recent years. Does everything you would want from a QB well, but isn’t standout. Feels like he is a nice upside backup option for a team.


Height: 6′ 1″

Weight: 211 lbs

Age: 24

40-yard dash: 4.8s

3-cone drill: 7.19s

20-yard shuttle: 4.34s

Vertical Jump: 28.5″

Broad Jump: 9’1″

Bench Press: DNP

*age is at the start of player’s rookie year

College Stats

Passing Table
*2018Wake ForestACCFRQB916129155.319846.86.7168125.2
*2019Wake ForestACCSOQB4559756.78308.68.542138.1
*2020Wake ForestACCSOQB915927358.222248.18.3135138.7
*2021Wake ForestACCSOQB1429950858.942288.38.63914148.6
*2022Wake ForestACCJR1227042863.137018.69.23812159.4
*2023Notre DameIndSRQB1219130163.526898.99.3248159.5
Wake Forest944159759.1129678.18.311041144.9
Notre Dame19130163.526898.99.3248159.5
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Notable Headlines

Hartman was a 3-star recruit out of high school, before opting to join Wake Forest. Had a good freshman season, playing in nine games for 1,984 with 16 TDs, but had 8 INTs. In 2019 he struggled to get out on the field, playing in only 4 games- but he did push the ball further downfield than in his freshman season. In 2020 he had a season closer to his 2018 performances in the nice games he played.

2021 was his first game where he played in double-digit games, and he threw the ball for 4,228 yards on 508 attempts with 39 TDs and 14 INTs. Hartman then kept that momentum going into his 2022 season, with similar numbers (when pro-rated) with 3,701 yards from 428 attempts for 38 TDs and 12 INTs.

Hartman then transferred over to Notre Dame to finish his college career. His passing volume decreased to 301, which impacted his stats- but he was as efficient as he had been for Wake Forest.

Scouting Report


Hartman has great experience, with good arm strength (and has good touch on his passes too). Can make near enough any pass on the field from the pocket, and has good ball placement to allow his receivers to make a play on the ball. With the time he has spent in different offensive schemes, he has shown he can pick up offenses quickly.


His stats and accuracy are a little padded by the number of short completions that he had. He is good but not elite across the board. He can also struggle at times with his accuracy (especially when throwing on the run).

Pre Draft Analysis

Expected Draft Capital- Round 4/5

Ideal Landing Spot

Hartman is going to be drafted, but likely to have to wait for his name to be called. There will be a team that will keep him around as a cheaper backup option, and with the playing experience he has he should be a decent stand-in option where he is drafted. Could see him being drafted for a team like the Bengals, or the Chiefs as a decent backup.

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