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At King Fantasy Sports we aim to bring you great content, but also great leagues and competitions. This year, friend of the site Jamie Byrom has launched a new type of competition. A season-long DFS league, the concept is great and so we asked Jamie if he would be happy giving it a (temporary) home here!

So, if you are interested have a look below.

Season Long DFS King Fantasy Sports

Welcome to Season Long DFS! The competition had a soft launch in 2019, and is now ready for a wider audience. This competition is where one week in DFS won’t kill you, and you are always in the hunt to win. There are 17 weekly DFS matchups leading to a cumulative overall winner at the end of the season. It’s as simple as that!

FAQs & Key Information

How much does it cost?

The cost for each season is £25.

How do I pay?

Payment is to be made via bank transfer (any issues with this then please get in contact with me via Twitter or email

When do I need to pay?

The payment for the league will need to be made before the start of the season. The exact date is variable, depending on the schedule of the league. We will share the exact date once you have signed up.

Where is this played?


What if I don’t have a DraftKings account?

You will need one! If you don’t have an account then signup using this link, and you’ll receive a bonus. The exact bonus changes, but is normally free entry into a tournament.

Which slates of games are included?

The main Sunday 6pm slate ONLY

How does the league work?

Once you have signed up and paid you will get two invites. One to a Twitter group of participants, and the other a DraftKings private league. Each week competitions will be set up for every league member to join. You will receive a load of invites to you via your DraftKings account, and YOU CAN ONLY ENTER ONE PER WEEK.

Each weekly tournament will be a $1 entry and 1st and 2nd place will therefore win money into their DraftKings account.

Each week, the highest score from all of the weekly tournaments will win a cash prize from the overall prize pot (to be determined after signups and prize pool is confirmed).

How will I know where I stand on the leaderboard & if I won a high prize?

There will be a spreadsheet that will be updated each week with everyone’s weekly scores and their yearly score, which can be seen by all so you can track where you stand. Having a live leaderboard means you can see where you stand throughout the year, and set lineups accordingly!

How & when will I know what the total prizepool is?

As soon as sign-ups are closed, the prizepool will be communicated to the group. NOTE: The full £25 entry doesn’t go to the prizepool. Due to the time requirements and cost of putting together the league £21.25 of each entry will ultimately go into the pot.

What happens if I miss a week?

It is your responsibility to enter the competitions each week. If you miss a week, then you will be awarded a zero for that slate. However, you will receive a weekly reminder in the Twitter group.

Why is there a private Twitter DM group?

Simply, it brings people together that have the same passion for the NFL and DFS. This league will be a little community, and we want everyone to be a part of that.

GDPR Requirements

Under GDPR legislation we have to inform you that we are going to store the data collected for the purposes of contacting you in regards to participation in the league and messaging relating to that.

If you would like us to delete your data at any time, please contact

King Fantasy Sports Disclaimer of Liability

King Fantasy Sports has offered an area on it’s website to collect signups only. King Fantasy Sports has no affiliation with Season Long DFS outside of this. If you participate in the competition you do so entirely at your own risk, and King Fantasy Sports accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage that you may suffer as a result.