Selecting a DFS Quarterback

Selecting a Quarterback for your DFS lineup is important, as they are going to be able to give you higher exposure to an offense. Each week you can find some options in our DFS content.

Quick Considerations

Some of the main things you need to consider any week are:

Pass Attempts

Similar to touches for the other positions, you want to have a player who is going to need to throw the ball. Maybe not a player who only throws the ball on a one-dimensional offense, but a nice volume of attempts

Production & Efficiency

What are the team doing with those pass attempts? Is the offense actually able to make yards and score? Or is it a case of throwing for minimal gain? 

Defensive Ability

The ability of a defense to stop the pass is a big part of choosing your QB. Looking for a team that gets torched on each pass attempt is key. It’s obvious, but can be overlooked.

Rushing Ability

Having a QB that can rush the ball is great. With only 4 pts for passing TDs and 6 pts for rushing it allows for higher scores. Not to mention the safer floor with a dual-threat QB.

Game Modes Considerations

In different modes, you are looking for different things from your selections.

Cash Games

In cash games, you are looking for consistent options. So ideally a player who rushes the ball and throws it too. The rushing will give you a safe floor that you can rely upon, while the passing gives you some upside.

GPP Games

GPP games, typically you are shooting for upside. The type of QB doesn’t really change too much- you’ll still want a player with the same traits as in cash. The difference is that you can also pay down for a gunslinging player who has an opportunity to put up a big score.

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Image Credit: Jay Biggerstaff – USA TODAY Sports