Selecting DST

The (last?) part of your lineup will be selecting the right DST. Getting the wrong one could hurt your team, giving you a negative score! Getting the right one can catapult you to the top of the leaderboard. Each week you can find some options in our DFS content.


Understanding scoring is important, whatever league you are playing in. The scoring for DraftKings is shown below.


  • Sack + 1 Pt
  • Interception + 2 Pts
  • Fumble Recovery +2 Pts
  • Punt/ Kickoff/ FG Return TD +6 Pts
  • INT/ Fumble return TD +6 Pts
  • Safety +2 Pts
  • Blocked Kick +2 Pts
  • 2 Pt Conversion/ Extra Point return +2 Pts

Points Allowed

  • 0 Points Allowed +10 Pts
  • 1-6 Points Allowed +7 Pts
  • 7-13 Points Allowed +4 Pts
  • 14-20 Points Allowed +1 Pt
  • 21-27 Points Allowed 0 Pts
  • 28-34 Points Allowed -1 Pt
  • 35+ Points Allowed -4 Pts

Consideration In Selections

Before we get into too much detail, really you aren’t going to be able to rely on/ predict a TD being scored by your DST. It’s a truly random event- a nice surprise or upside if it happens, but shouldn’t form part of your overall strategy.

Value Selections

What you are looking for is an option that can get after the QB. That is something that is reliable week to week- on both sides. 

A good pass rush is going to be good every week. Whether it is able to record a sack is different, but combining it with bad protection? Perfect!

Paying Up

A top defense doesn’t cost that much more (comparatively) than other positions. It’s generally not a great move, due to volatility with scoring, but it can be worth it in GPPs- it should give you an outside shot at getting a big points total that others won’t have selected.

Stacking Defense

Stack Defense!? But doesn’t stacking just relate to the offense? Nope! If a running back is due to get a lot of touches, it means that the team is leading- so the Defense is likely having a good performance too!

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Image Credit: Jerome Miron – USA TODAY Sports