Selecting Receivers and Tight Ends

Selecting Receivers and Tight Ends for your DFS lineup are similar. These positions more than any other are the ones that can truly push your weekly scores up. Each week you can find some options in our DFS content.

Quick Considerations

Some of the main things you need to consider any week are:

Target Share

A receiver’s target share will give you an indication of the potential touches in the offense. The more targets, the more receptions.

Targets v Opportunity

Once you know the target share, what is the expected production for them? What a down-field threat does with a target is different to a possession receiver. You can get an indication for a players aDoT (Average Depth of Target)

Offensive play calling

It’s really important to try and determine how the offense will pan out. Are they likely to pass the ball often, or rush the ball? Do they change when leading? Or behind?

Red Zone Targets

Not all targets are equal. Being a red-zone receiver is worth more per target than outside of that area, with the increased scoring opportunity.

Game Modes Considerations

In different modes, you are looking for different things from your selections.

Cash Games

In cash games, you are looking for consistent options. With the scoring that DraftKings offers, that means targets and receptions. It’s nice to be able to roster the exciting downfield threat, but the cheap possession receiver is more likely to be the better option week to week.

GPP Games

GPP games, you want to try and get a mix of players that are going to be high-scoring and consistent. Putting pure upside guys in could hurt you if they flame out at the same time. Equally, you aren’t finishing top of the table with possession receivers with a low yardage total.

That balance is difficult to get, but if you manage, it will bring huge rewards.

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Image Credit: Stan Szeto – USA TODAY Sports