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Best Ball in the UK! Finally after years of no choice, or poor UI. We have tailored a solution that uses the best app out there (Sleeper) to do your draft and then run your league in Google Sheets!

Follow the instructions in the file, and play as many leagues as you want. So get your friends together and get drafting!

Please note the limitations of the file at the current time;

  • Scoring is currently set as Standard PPR scoring as per Fantasy Pros
  • This sheet works on the public API provided by Sleeper, and requires that API to remain open to operate
  • You need to enable scripts in Google Sheets if prompted, that is just to allow the Sheet to get data from Sleeper
  • Currently, the file only works on computers, not smartphones
  • The maximum number of rounds supported is 25
  • The maximum number of teams supported is 16

NOTE: Updates are expected over the summer, and you will be able to get the new file(s) upon request

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