Stacking in DFS

You’ll hear lots about stacking in DFS. How it’s important, and what it means for your success in your lineups. You’ll probably see stacks in each week of our DFS content. Stacking, if you didn’t know, is just having more than one player from a team, or game. Typically, you are looking for a correlation between those two events. So for example, if a QB throws a pass there is a reception that needs to be accounted for too.

In most cases, you want a positive relationship, to increase your upside for scoring in GPPs.

Why Should You Stack?

Stacks are a variance play, and in GPPs especially, you need to embrace that. In theory, the more you embrace variance the more of a chance that you will be able to finish at the top of the competition.

Now- which stacking combination makes sense? Let’s have a look at a couple of the popular options.

QB/ Receiver Stack

This is by far the most common stack you’ll see. Having two players in a stack like this means you’ll effective score twice for certain plays. So for example, if they combine for a TD you are getting 11 points PLUS whatever the yardage total is.

The issue with this type of stack is that if the game script doesn’t follow, you are left with two disappointing performances. Almost a must in large GPP tournaments.

QB/ Receiver Stack PLUS opposition WR

This stack is perhaps the most volatile you’ll find. You are looking at a high points total, and for both sides to be close throughout the game. The idea being that if your QB/ Receiver stack is working, the other team will need to respond.

The reason for the volatility is that not only do you need your stack to perform, you need your opposition WR selection to be correct. That’s not always the easiest thing to do!

RB/ DST Stack

The RB/ DST stack relies upon the game script being advantageous for the RB. The upside here is limited, as the reliance on DST scoring is, which makes it a more popular cash game selection than GPP.

This is all about understanding the game script in a game. Knowing who the running back is the easy part- the ability of the defense to stop the opposing offense not so much!

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Image Credit: Brad Rempel – USA TODAY Sports