It’s Stag Parties And Football Not Weddings and Football

Quick rant right quick before we get started, life should be stag parties and football. This week I come to you from Texas. Why? Because my brother thought it was a good idea to have a wedding during football season. Word to the wise. If you’re planning a wedding. It’s supposed to be stag parties and football not weddings and football. Please. Check the sports calendar and adjust accordingly. Weddings and football shouldn’t be on the same day. Otherwise, your sports enthusiasts attendees won’t be focusing on you but instead their phones checking updates. Rant over.

Because of my travels, I don’t have all of my available resources to me this week. Hence, the list of Heady’s Headaches will be a little non-standard. I’m going to be giving you a list of 10 players that won’t finish inside the top 12 for quarterbacks and running backs or top 24 at wide receiver despite being ranked as such on ESPN. In addition, it will be quick and short as I have to get someone down the aisle in a few hours.

Ben Roethlisberger, Quarterback, Pittsburgh

Big Ben has a history of not performing well on the road. Granted, he has done better but this week I feel he reverts to his old ways versus Tennessee. I’m forecasting a couple interceptions being tossed by him and run focused game plan for the Steelers.

Kyler Murray, Quarterback, Arizona

Yes, Kyler killed it versus Dallas last week. But take away one deep throw and his performance plummets. Don’t think Pete Carroll and Seattle doesn’t have something dialed up for him. He will throw for around 200 yards and only one or two scores which won’t be enough to win your games this week.

Ronald Jones II, Running Back, Tampa Bay

Las Vegas is a stout defense. Enough said. Couple that with how expertly Tom Brady picks apart the Raiders and the run game won’t be utilized. Look elsewhere.

David Johnson, Running Back, Houston

Houston and Green Bay should be a track meet. Both defenses are lackluster and I expect both quarterbacks to be throwing a lot. That doesn’t leave much opportunity for DJ31 to make an impact in the run game. He might score but don’t expect his rushing to be over 60 yards.

Josh Jacobs, Running Back, Las Vegas

Tampa is just like the Raiders with their stout defense. Josh will only produce if he is used in the passing game but I am not forecasting much to happen for him there. Just like DJ31, he might score but his rushing will be limited.

Mike Davis, Running Back, Carolina

New Orleans at home. Even without fans, it’s a tough place to go and play. While he should see usage and should rush for some good yardage, he won’t find the end zone which will hamper his results.

Robert Woods, Wide Receiver, Los Angeles Rams

Chicago is quietly establishing themselves as an oppressive defense that nobody wants to play. I’m expecting Goff to focus on Cooper Kupp and his tight ends instead. He won’t have more than six catches and no scores.

Tyler Boyd & Odell Beckham, Jr, Wide Receiver, Cincinnatti & Cleveland

We will not see the track meet of a game like we did the last time this teams played. Expect more running than passing. This will directly affect Tyler and OBJ’s performance. Neither one should eclipse five catches. I would start Higgins or Landry before these two.

Allen Robinson II, Wide Receiver, Chicago

Los Angeles has one of the toughest secondary in the NFL. Couple that with the lackluster play he has produced the last two games doesn’t bode well for his chances at glory this week. He will see looks but I’m expecting a bigger game from Mooney this week as LA focuses on Allen.

There you have it folks. Ten players that won’t be producing like we are expecting. If you need more help, check out our website for players you should be starting this week. Best wishes! I have a best man speech to write. After all, I was expecting Stag parties and football, not a wedding. Whoops.

Image Credit: Philip G. Pavely – USA Today