Start ‘Em Sit ‘Em 2020: Week 5

Hopefully, you found success with our picks last week and are back for week 5 of our Start ‘Em Sit ‘Em series for 2020. Last week was a bit of a crazy one, with the uncertainty over the Kansas City game leading to lots of commissioners pulling their hair out. However, ultimately we only had one game postponed in the shuffle. This week brings the first (scheduled) bye weeks, so make sure you have taken these into account. The teams on bye are:

  • Detroit Lions
  • Green Bay Packers

Our Week 5 Start ‘Em and Sit ‘Em selections for 2020 are chosen deliberately for players that I’ve seen people questioning. Slam dunk starts and sits aren’t going to be included. You should always be starting those guys.

If you have a particular start/ sit question then you can always check out our weekly rankings page, or reach out to us on any of our social media channels. You can find us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. I answered all of you that reached out last week, I will always try to get to every single one of you.

Start ‘Em

Teddy Bridgewater @ATL

At this point in the season, we know that the Falcons are just not good at defending passes. In fact, they have given up on average 32.5 points to the position this season– which is the worst in the league by some way. Bridgewater hasn’t been great this year, but this matchup should give him some great fantasy numbers.

Kirk Cousins @SEA

Cousins had a rough start to the season, but has turned that round in recent weeks. The team have gone back to what worked for them before, getting the work done on the ground and allowing Cousins to be efficient on the attempts he makes. Next up for the Vikings are Seattle who are only beaten by the Falcons as the worst unit in the league.

Justin Herbert @NO

Herbert really looks like the real deal for the Chargers. Yes, there have been some plays that are clear mistakes- but he is still a rookie. With the news that Austin Ekeler is out with injury, I’d expect the team to see what Herbert can do. The New Orleans Saints have given up an average of 22.2 points to the position so far this season, meaning plenty of opportunity.

Daniel Jones @DAL

If Daniel Jones is going to be good for fantasy this season, now is his chance to show it. Jones has had some rough matchups to open the season, but in facing Dallas this week, he has a good chance this week to bounce back. If he doesn’t perform this week, then you can move on from him for a while.

James Robinson @HOU

Robinson had another solid game last week, and has another great matchup this week. The Houston Texans are one of the worst units against the position this season, and Robinson is the guy that gets all of the touches out of this backfield.

David Johnson @JAX

Equally, the Jacksonville Jaguars are a matchup to target. Johnson had a great start to the season, but then had a string of tough matchups. The Texans offense might look at little different, with the sacking of Bill O’Brien, but Johnson should still be a big part of it.

Todd Gurley v CAR

Gurley had his best performance of the season against the Packers last week. This week, on a short turnaround, he should have another good week. Yes, Atlanta haven’t used him the way we expected this season, but he should still get used enough to have solid numbers.

Jerick McKinnon v MIA

McKinnon seems to be repaying the faith that the team showed in him by the team. McKinnon is soon to have competition with Raheem Mostert back from injury, so while you can I’d put McKinnon in. The fact that the Miami Dolphins are one of the worst in the league at defending the position makes this a good start for me.

Robby Anderson @ATL

We mentioned it with the QB position- the Falcons secondary is no good. They might on paper have improved, in terms of fantasy points given up, but they just faced the Packers who threw 3 TDs to their TE, rather than their receivers. Anderson has been a great addition to the Panthers offense this season. Start him with confidence in this matchup.

Zach Pascal @CLE

Pascal is not a popular start I’m sure, but hear me out. The Colts offense has done enough each week to win, and this week the Browns secondary is the weak point of the defense. The Colts receivers have been hit by injury, so Pascal has a great opportunity this week to excel.

Tyler Lockett v MIN

Lockett was a disappointment last week. I’m not going to hide from that. But this matchup is definitely one that he should bounce back in. The Vikings are really not a great unit, giving up an average of 31 points to the position so far this season. That should allow Metcalf and Lockett.

Justin Jefferson @SEA

Adam Thielen is a must-start this week, but really you should know that. What you might be more worried about is his rookie team mate. The Seahawks are the worst unit against the WR position in the league, meaning there should be plenty to go around for the Vikings.

Hunter Henry v NO

Last week we selected Hockenson as a start, because of the matchup. So this week we are selecting Henry, because of the matchup. Henry has been ok this season, but should bounce up the leaderboards this week with a great matchup this week.

Eric Ebron v PHI

Ebron feels like a great play to me this week. Ebron has 14 targets this season, but has been really efficient with them, with nine receptions for 113 yards and TD. The Eagles are one of the worst units against the position making this a great matchup to target.

Tyler Higbee @WAS

If you haven’t got to my sits yet, there is a WR that you might not expect. However, he is there because Washington are really not great against TE’s, and that’s where I expect the Rams will flourish. This could end up biting me and it’s actually Gerald Everett that has the big game, but I’m expecting Higbee to add to the 3 TDs he has had this season.

Rodrigo Blankenship @CLE

Blankenship feels like a mainstay start. In fact, it’s starting to get to the point where I might need to exclude him as he is becoming a constant starter. The Colts kicker has been fantastic this season, and faces the Browns this week who have forced teams to kick field goals this season.

Dan Bailey @SEA

Bailey is interesting this week, as the Vikings could find themselves frustrated in the endzone. If the Seahawks are able to frustrate Dalvin Cook at the goal-line, we could see the Vikings end up having to kick the ball.

Arizona Cardinals @NYJ

Here we go. The weekly edition of who the New York Jets are facing. This week, we have the added bonus of the team needing to put in their backup QB. Grab the LA Chargers this week if you can, as they are next up.

Los Angeles Rams @WAS

The Rams face the Washington Football Team this week. In fact, as with the Cardinals, they face the backup QB. Washington has allowed 13 sacks so far this season, and the Rams have a great DL led by Aaron Donald. This feels like a great start.

Sit ‘Em

Baker Mayfield v IND

Mayfield is the prime sit candidate this week. The offense works on the ground, rather than through the air. The matchup is also the toughest in the league for QBs, with the Colts giving up just 9.5 points per game.

Carson Wentz @PIT

I actually feel bad for Wentz, as he seems to be getting the majority of the critism for the offense not doing that well. However, it’s a little bit harsh. The Eagles injuries are significant, which limits the ability of Wentz to be effective. Regardless of where you are on Wentz, a matchup against the Steelers isn’t one to target- in fact you need to actively avoid it.

Joe Burrow @BAL

The rookie has been great this year, and looks like he is going to be a starter for years. However, this matchup is going to be a tough one to get through. The Ravens on the face of it have given up 20.9 points on average to the position, but considering one of those was Patrick Mahomes, I’d avoid Burrow this week.

Myles Gaskin @SF

Gaskin has done some great things, and is the lead back of the offense. However, his upside is limited each week with Jordan Howard being used near the goal-line. At some point this season Gaskin will have a big game- but this isn’t it. The 49ers have only given up an average of 11 points to the position this season.

Darrell Henderson/ Malcolm Brown v WAS

If there is a strong point for the Washington defense, it’s their defensive line. Equally, the LA Rams have operated a massively frustrating backfield for fantasy owners. Each week it feels like another back takes the reigns of the offense, only to lose them the week after. I’d stay away this week.

Joshua Kelley @NO

Kelley will see one of the largest bumps in starting percentage this week, with Austin Ekeler out with injury. However, this match up isn’t the one the target. Kelley hasn’t flashed when given the opportunity this season, so we could see far more touches for Justin Jackson that we expect.

A.J. Green @BAL

Green has been a disappointment for fantasy this season. It feels like Green is one of those players that is good for the team in real-life, but not good for you fantasy team. Burrow is going to be under pressure to get the ball out of his hands, which should mean it’s Tyler Boyd and Tee Higgins who are going to be getting any receptions in this game.

Robert Woods @WAS

This is a name that I’m sure you weren’t expecting to find in the sits, but let’s face it- this Rams offense is so hard to predict. Washington has given up the fewest points to the position this season, so one of Woods and Cooper Kupp are likely to struggle in this game. I’ve selected Woods, as Kupp has had more targets of the two of them in recent weeks.

Jamison Crowder v ARI

Just when you think it can’t get any worse for the New York Jets, Joe Flacco comes in as the starting QB. The Jets have (mainly) struggled to move the ball this season, and the Cardinals are one of the best against receivers this season. I’d avoid if I could.

Mike Gesicki @SF

Sure, I get it. You are likely going to start Gesicki if you have him. However, if you have another option, or there is one on the waiver wire I’d consider it. The 49ers might have alot of injuries, but they are a really effective unit against TE’s- giving up just 84 yards to the position this season. Don’t tell me I didn’t warn you if Gesicki posts a dud.

Ian Thomas v ATL

Atlana are a team to target aren’t they? They just gave up 3 TDs to the position right? Well, yes, that is correct, but if you exclude that performance then the Falcons are a decent unit against TE’s. Combine that with the fact that Thomas has only had nine target this season- this is an avoid.

Dalton Schultz v NYG

The Giants are a team to target when it comes to fantasy matchups- with the exception of the TE position. There, they seem to do well with a combination of their LBs and Safeties to nulify threats. The Dallas offense is full of weapons, so in this game I’d expect them to start to give more looks to Michael Gallup.

Sam Ficken v ARI

Yes, he just had a great performance in prime time. However, unless he has changed team he still plays for a Jets team that is one of the worst offenses in the league. The team has now given Joe Flacco the start. Ficken could end up with several FG attempts as the offense stalls, but I’m avoiding him- there are more effective options this week.

Jason Myers v MIN

Myers is an accurate kicker, on a good offense. So why would you sit him? The issue is that the Seahawks have really found a way to get the ball into the endzone this season, meaning Myers has been restricted to just two FG attempts this season.

Seattle Seahawks v MIN

The Seattle Seahawks feel like one of those defenses that you put into your lineup, but that’s more on the history of the team that anything else. Yes, Cousins has turned the ball over quite a few times this season, but this feels like an avoid this week.

Tennessee Titans v BUF

Ok, I’ve waited until the very end before I mentioned the Titans. However, it’s hard to see them doing too much for fantasy on defense. The Bills are one of the highest-scoring offenses in the league, and should be able to take apart the Titans.

So that’s it for our 2020 Week 5 version of Start ‘Em Sit ‘Em. Remember, you can always reach out to us for help in setting your lineup. Check out our weekly rankings page, or reach out to us on any of our social media channels. You can find us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Remember, if you want something more specific to your league- reach out!

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