Start ‘Em Sit ‘Em 2020: Week 6

Hopefully, you found success with our picks last week and are back for week 6 of our Start ‘Em Sit ‘Em series for 2020. Week 5 gave us some headlines that we just wouldn’t have hoped for, with Dak Prescott suffering an awful injury that has ended his season. However, we have to move on (although we obviously wish him the best in his recovery). After shuffling the schedule a little, the teams on bye this week are:

  • Las Vegas Raiders
  • Los Angeles Chargers
  • New Orleans Saints
  • Seattle Seahawks

That makes some of our Start ‘Em Sit ‘Em 2020: Week 6 selections a bit tougher, as there are some positions that are nearly wiped out this week with reliable options (Tight End for example). However, we will try and do our best with what is available.

If you have a particular start/ sit question then you can always check out our weekly rankings page, or reach out to us on any of our social media channels. You can find us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. I answered all of you that reached out last week, I will always try to get to every single one of you.

Our Week 6 Start ‘Em and Sit ‘Em selections for 2020 are chosen deliberately for players that I’ve seen people questioning. Slam dunk starts (the likes of Patrick Mahomes) and sits aren’t going to be included. You should always be starting those guys.

Start ‘Em

Kirk Cousins v ATL

Cousins was one of my selections last week, and it didn’t quite pan out. Well, he wasn’t bad, but he wasn’t good either- mainly due to the interception that he threw. However, he now matches up against an Atlanta defense that gives up a huge 30 points to the position on average. This feels like a slam dunk.

Matthew Stafford @JAX

Stafford has been solid this season, throwing 8 TDs this season in 4 weeks. The team should now be more effective through the air now, with another week for lead receiver Kenny Golladay to rest his hamstring. Jacksonville have been one of the worst defenders against the position this season. Stafford feels like a fine play this week.

Ben Roethlisberger v CLE

Big Ben has returned to the league with vengeance, throwing 10 TDs this season already. A divisional matchup against Cleveland is next up for the Steelers, and should give the team another big day through the air. Cleveland have given up 12 TDs through the air so far this season, and have now lost another piece in their secondary.

Jared Goff @SF

This start is the one I’m most worried about for QB’s. The reason being that I feel like the team are going to be wanting to bounce back from being beaten soundly by Miami, and this is a divisional game. However, Goff has equally been an effective QB this season throwing for at least 260 yards in the majority of his games, and multiple TDs in three of his last four games.

James Robinson v DET

Robinson continues his streak of great games for fantasy. Yes, he may have fumbled when he stood in at QB- but maybe he was just trying to literally be everything the team does on offense. The Detroit Lions are the worst defense in the league against the position. At this point, don’t question it- put him in your lineup.

David Montgomery @CAR

Montgomery has a great matchup this week, facing the Carolina Panthers. However, for me, the most important thing is that he has seen more work in the passing game in recent weeks. That level of usage, against this defense, should mean that Montgomery has a solid game this week.

Myles Gaskin v NYJ

Gaskin was actually included in my sit column last week. However, that wasn’t a knock against him- it was the involvement of Jordan Howard. It now seems as though the team has decided that they should give the ball more often to him. Gaskin had 16 rush attempts in the surprise win over the 49ers. If he gets that kind of volume this week against the Jets, it could be a great week for your fantasy team.

Antonio Gibson @NYG

So the moment alot of people have waited for might happen this week- the breakout of Antonio Gibson. Gibson has been getting the touches out of the backfield, it’s been the lack of targets that has been a concern. However, last week against the Rams, he caught five passes which is promising. Even if he doesn’t get the passing volume in this game Gibson is a start, with the Giants allowing six rushing TDs this year.

Jamison Crowder @MIA

It might not feel it, because he missed some time with an injury, but Crowder has been fantastic this season. Crowder has at least seven receptions and 100 yards in all three games he has played so far this season. What is incredible is that he managed that in his last game with Joe Flacco throwing the ball.

Christian Kirk @DAL

Kirk bounced back from injury last week in a decent performance. Coming into the season, there were big expectations for Kirk, until the team traded for DeAndre Hopkins. A matchup against the Dallas Cowboys defense should give Kirk another opportunity to impress.

Michael Gallup v ARI

After the start that Dallas have had, you should really be starting Amari Cooper and CeeDee Lamb every week. However, Gallup feels a little bit like he is being left out. Yes, he hasn’t been massively productive this season- but he has been on the field throughout the games. Receiving the type of coverage he can expect, it’s only a matter of time before he has a big game.

Justin Jefferson v ATL

Jefferson disappointed last week in what should have been a great matchup for him. However, luckily for him, he follows that up with another great matchup against Atlanta. In the previous two games he managed to top 100 yards- this is a get-right game for Jefferson.

Evan Engram v WAS

Evan Engram might not be a player that you add to your team and think you’ve nailed it. But this week at least, you may have. The Giants are facing a team that is beaten in points to the position by two teams. Add that to the fact that Engram is currently second in targets on his team, and this feels like a great start.

T.J. Hockenson @JAX

I said in previous weeks that Hockenson has had a solid start, but not headline grabbing. He performed decently in his last outing against the New Orleans Saints, and has another solid matchup this week against Jacksonville, who have given up an average of 11.8 points to the position

Mike Gesicki v NYJ

Has Gesicki broken out? I’m not sure, it might be that he is ultimately just a ‘meh’ type of TE for Miami with the personnel they have already. Wherever you land on Gesicki overall, a matchup against the Jets is one that he should perform well in.

Blakenship from now on is going to be omitted from the starts column. At this (early) point of the season he seems to be matchup proof. Slot him in if you have him.

Younghoe Koo @MIN

Koo might be available in your league, after he missed Wee 4 with an injury. The Vikings have allowed the most field goals to kicker this season, which is great for Koo. Even better is that Atlanta seem to have found a way to move the ball downfield, but not enough to score.

Robbie Gould v LAR

Gould is probably going to be started if you own him regardless, but I just wanted to make sure you weren’t worried about him. His matchup against the Rams should be a great opportunity for a points-haul. The Rams defense is good, but not great, and Gould has already converted two kicks from beyond 50 yards. The 49ers offense should bounce back over their previous struggles against Miami- meaning opportunity for Gould to score.

Washington Football Team @NYG

As I mentioned in my waiver wire article, Washington are a great play this week. The team are due to face up against the New York Giants, who are not a great offense. Washington has a decent DL so should be able to feast against a team that is giving up an average of over 3 sacks per game.

Los Angeles Rams @SF

The Rams were a selection last week, in what ended up being a decent performance against Washington. We just saw the Miami Dolphins tear apart the 49ers OL. If Aaron Donald & co continue to get pressure, we could see the 49ers offense struggle for the second week in a row.

Sit ‘Em

Tom Brady v GB

Brady has been kinda what I expected this season- inconsistent. Tampa Bay’s offense is full of weapons, but Brady isn’t at the peak of his powers. Green Bay are one of the better units against QBs this season and has found a way to put pressure on the QB. Yes, Brady could have a big game, but I think his range of outcomes are closer to that of a mid-QB2.

Teddy Bridgewater v CHI

Bridgewater was a great addition for last week against the Falcons, but that doesn’t mean he is an every-week starter. However, a matchup against Chicago is a tough one for any QB to overcome. The way to beat the Bears is on the ground, not through the air. Sit Bridgewater this week, or return him to the wire.

Jimmy Garoppolo v LAR

Garoppolo might be a forced start in some superflex leagues, but let’s be honest here. Struggling against a mid-to-lower tier defense in Miami doesn’t bode well for his matchup against the Rams this week. The 49ers OL has been inconsistent this season, and the DL for the Rams has been anything but. I’d put a dampener on all of my 49ers for this week at least.

Joe Mixon @IND

I kinda like going for at least one big name as a sit. This week it’s Mixon. It’s hard to really judge Mixon, as he doesn’t have a strong offensive line to give him any protection. Yes, he gets the volume, but in a matchup against the Colts who only give up an average of 13.5 points to the position, dampen your expectations. If you can, bench Mixon for this week.

Darrell Henderson @SF

Henderson was here last week, but had a great week- so that was a bit of a miss for me. But, I’m ready to be burnt again. Henderson now matches up against the 49ers, a team that is missing pieces on defense but are still effective against the run. Henderson could struggle even if he is the lead back this week, of which there are no guarantees.

Damien Harris v DEN

I’m assuming that Harris is now the starting RB for the Patriots. I’m basically trying to warn you off any of the Patriots RBs for this game. Denver’s defense has been inconsistent, except against Running backs. The team have only given up 12 points to position on average this season, due in part to only allowing a single TD so far this season.

A.J. Green @BAL

This is going to be the last week I include Green as a sit this season. You don’t need me to explain what has gone on- he just isn’t getting the job done on offense. A matchup against the Colts really isn’t one to target, with their defense being the best in the league. Find a better option.

D.J. Moore v CHI

Moore feels like a trap to me. I thought it in the offseason- identifying him as a player that could struggle this season. The offense doesn’t run through him in the same way as it did in previous seasons, instead the number one target is Robby Anderson. Add that to the fact that Chicago have given up just an average of just 17.2 to the position, and this is a sit.

Deebo Samuel/ Brandon Aiyuk v LAR

The 49ers managed 173 yards through the air last week. To get them back on track they face the….Rams. A team that has allowed an average of 133 yards to the position this season to the position. Add that to the pressure that Garoppolo will be under, and that points to a struggle for their receivers this week.

Jimmy Graham @CAR

Graham is having a decent season, propped up by his great game against the Atlanta Falcons where he caught six passes for 60 yards and two TDs. In the two games since he has caught seven passes for 66 yards and a single TD.

Logan Thomas @NYG

After looking great at the start of the season, I think I might have to say I’m done with Thomas (at least for a while). Thomas is still second in targets on the Washington offense- which is incredible considering he has had just 8 in his past two games. The New York Giants have actually been good against TE this season, so this is one to avoid. There are better streaming options this week.

Tyler Higbee @SF

Is Higbee going to have a big game, or is it going to be his team mate Gerald Everett? Well this week, I think the answer is neither. The 49ers have only given up an average of 5.2 points to the position this season. This feels like an avoid situation to me.

Randy Bullock @IND

Bullock is one of the highest scoring kickers in the league this season. Part of an offense that has managed to move the ball downfield, but hasn’t found a way to get it over the line. However, this week that effectiveness might be dampened in facing the best defense in the league. The Colts have only allowed just under 18 points a game this season, try and find another option if you can.

Dan Bailey v ATL

Bailey is one of the lowest-scoring kickers in fantasy this season, and honestly, it’s part of why I think kickers need to be fixed in fantasy. Bailey has missed just one kick this season. The issue is that he has only managed to attempt eight FGs this season. That’s not going to get it done. The Vikings offense is very effective, and shouldn’t really be stopped by Atlanta- that doesn’t spell success for Bailey to score more than his six point average.

San Francisco 49ers v LAR

This is why you don’t reach to take a defense in the draft. One of the most effective units last season looks completely different after losing one of their stars. The Rams offense is actually low-key effective, as they have found a way to get the ball out of Jared Goff’s hand. You might not feel like you want to, as you likely took them early, but you could (and should) look elsewhere this week.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v GB

Tampa Bay have a good defense- and I’m saying that they don’t. The Green Bay Packers though have a great offense. In fact, they are one of the best in the league. Rodgers has only been sacked three times, as the offensive line has managed to keep pass-rushers at bay. Without the security that comes with the chance for sacks, I’d look elsewhere as the Packers have scored at least 30 points in each of their games this season.

So that’s it for our 2020 Week 6 version of Start ‘Em Sit ‘Em. Remember, you can always reach out to us for help in setting your lineup. Check out our weekly rankings page, or reach out to us on any of our social media channels. You can find us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. And, as always, if you want something more specific to your league- reach out!

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