Steve Raynes Bowl: Week 16 Standings

Here we are, Week 16 of the Steve Raynes Bowl is in the books. We are ready to crown the winner! Below you will find the winner of the main competition as well as the updated pools that were originally drawn up.

Main Competition

1st Place: jonnyboyrev (Tony Gonzales) 235.3

2nd Place: Kev007 (Antonio Gates) 189.75

3rd Place: giantsh95 (Delanie Walker) 255.05

4th Place: PittsyNFL (Antonio Gates) 169.33

Original Pools

The original pools are also complete. You can see the tables below:

So, interestingly our overall winner wasn’t even the overall top 5 scorer in the league! So his team pulled together when it was key. Timing it perfectly for his title win. Equally, we did end up having a division winner that didn’t make it through to the conference stage. Showing that things can change quickly in fantasy football!

You can reach out to the guys on Twitter here. If you have any concerns about the league, or if you just want to know a bit more- that’s the best place to go.

So that’s the update for the Steve Raynes bowl for Week 16, sign up for next year (if you haven’t already, there’s a link below)

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If you want to find out more about the league, or to signup for next year, head on over.

Image Credit: Chuck Cook – USA TODAY Sports