My Superflex Rookie Draft Strategy 2021

The real 2021 Rookie Draft is firmly in the books and in the mirror, so it’s time for dynasty drafts, here I share my Superflex strategy for Round 1. Getting those early selections correct can help you settle into the draft, so you make good decisions in later drafts.

Picks 1-3 – QBs with the highest potential

QBs really are king in Superflex. So there is zero percent chance I pass up on one of my top 3 in these first three picks. Whether you are fully in a rebuild or ready to go for it all in 2021 the value here is immense. There are 3 guys who can all reach top 10 fantasy QBs down the line. To put that in perspective if you draft a guy who ends up being a top 10 QB down the line then his worth will shoot up to three to four first-round picks, you’ve more than tripled your value.

My Order

  • Trevor Lawrence, QB – Jacksonville Jaguars
  • Trey Lance, QB – San Francisco 49ers
  • Justin Fields, QB – Chicago Bears

Trevor Lawrence really is a generational talent who has very little to no weaknesses in his game. He’s the safest 1.01 pick for a number of years.

Trey Lance has leapfrogged Justin Fields to my QB2 spot following the NFL Draft. The huge upside coupled with the perfect landing spot for a rookie QB is everything I need to take Lance at 2.

Sitting at the No.3 spot in the rookie draft may be the most desirable spot to be in though. You can sit back, relax and take whichever of these 3 guys falls to you.

My no.3 pick would be Justin Fields, new QB for the Chicago Bears. Fields should get on the field early in the season and has already shown how good he can be with that cannon of an arm and the rushing ability to be a top end fantasy QB.

Picks 4-5 – My top 2 studs at the next most important positions

There’s a drop off in my QB rankings after the top 3 so at picks 4-5 I’m looking for absolute studs at the next most important positions. Najee Harris & Ja’Marr Chase are locked in as rookie RB1 & WR1 and it’s not even close to the next players at their positions.

Ja’Marr Chase is one of the most complete Wide Receivers to come out of college period. Coming from a productive LSU program that saw Justin Jefferson light up the NFL last season, Chase looks to be on a similar trajectory and I want every piece of that. He reunites with his college QB Joe Burrow over at Cincinnati. Adding more talent to form a scary WR trio with Tee Higgins & Tyler Boyd.

Najee Harris enters the NFL as an older prospect at 23 years old but no doubt in my mind he’s the top Running Back in this class. He is about to get 300+ touches for the Steelers high powered offense. What you’re going to get with Harris is 4+ years of elite production, working for a head coach who believes in a workhorse running back. I’m all in.

Honestly my order has chopped and changed between these 2. I would never dictate people to draft for need but between these two I would favour whichever is your weakest position on your roster.

Let’s say for argument sake that my order

  • Najee Harris, RB – Pittsburgh Steelers
  • Ja’Marr Chase, WR – Cincinnati Bengals

Picks 6-9 – My next tier of players including my RB2 & 3, my QB4 and the unicorn TE1

Here is where I’ve found myself picking the most often in my rookie drafts so far- the middle ground. A position where you need to monitor who could be falling out of the top 5, but also in which order you are going to draft guys. The 2 Running Backs are the most intriguing to me in these positions.

Travis Etienne is my RB2 and someone I’m getting ever more excited about as I try and break down his landing spot in Jacksonville. Etienne is a first-round pick and re-unites with college QB Trevor Lawrence. Unlike some, I genuinely think his ceiling isn’t capped too much by 2020 UDFA star James Robinson. I’m happy to take him here at 6 as someone who I can see being a top 10 fantasy RB in a year’s time. That would represent great value being a mid-first rounder.

My next pick is a toss-up between my next QB and my RB3. I favour taking my next QB here, and it’s the BYU product Zach Wilson. The New York Jets fell in love with Wilson’s dual-threat ability, and see the potential to lead them out of the NFL basement and back into relevancy. To get the QB that was drafted with the 2nd overall pick here at the 1.07 is tremendous value. Worth noting that Wilson along with Trevor Lawrence could be the only day 1 rookie starters at the QB position. With no competition in New York, you’re going to get a full season’s worth of production.

Javonte Williams my RB3 would be my pick at the 1.08 position. Drafted by the Broncos (who traded up to grab him) Williams has landed on a potential goldmine and I cannot ignore it. Melvin Gordon is now 28 years old and has had a fantastic fantasy career, but he’s not going to be on this team for much longer. Especially with his contract up at the end of this season. Williams has only just turned 21, a great age to be entering the NFL, and has RB1 potential. That could come as early as down the stretch in 2021, but definitely in 2022. He’s a smash hit at the 1.08 and I’ll be delighted to get him in this spot.

Potentially the best overall player in the draft is next and it’s Falcons new Tight End Kyle Pitts. Why do I have him so low you may ask? Well I will always favour the other three positions as more important. You can normally only ever start one Tight End but you have to start numerous players at the Running Back and Wide Receiver position so to load up these positions is key. Is Pitts going to be the next Travis Kelce? Well maybe, and I’m only going to find out personally if he drops to around this spot.

My order here would be:

  • Travis Etienne, RB – Jacksonville Jaguars
  • Zach Wilson, QB – New York Jets
  • Javonte Williams, RB – Denver Broncos
  • Kyle Pitts, TE – Atlanta Falcons

Picks 10-12 – Round off the draft with my final QB and two WRs with high draft capital

Mac Jones slid all the way to pick 15 on draft night and I stop his slide here at pick 10. He tops my next tier of guys here. Opting for a QB over my next Wide Receivers in a Superflex format. Mac Jones will battle it out with Cam Newton for the starting job in New England this season. Depending on results, we could see him on the field this season. If he doesn’t make the field then the 2022 season will most likely see him step in as the starter.

1.11 is my favourite spot to be taking my WR2 Devonta Smith. The 2020 Heisman winner was scintillating in his final year in college. Finishing with 23 TDs helping Alabama to another national title. He lands on an Eagles team with a huge lack of talent at the receiver position and is immediately installed at the top of the depth chart. Immediate production can be predicted for Smith who re-unites with his old college QB Jalen Hurts.

To finish off round 1 I feel really good about landing Jaylen Waddle at this pick. Super high draft capital with his selection by the Dolphins at 6 overall the sky is the limit for the speedy receiver. Rumours were the Dolphins wanted Waddle the whole time and would have taken him even if the Bengals passed up on Ja’Marr Chase. That’s some awfully high praise for Waddle who also links up with former college QB Tua Tagovailoa.

To round off my final 3 picks

  • Mac Jones, QB – New England Patriots
  • Devonta Smith, WR – Philadelphia Eagles
  • Jaylen Waddle, WR – Miami Dolphins

So there is my insight into who I’m looking to take at specific positions in Round 1. Would love to hear your thoughts whether you agree or disagree where I have players ranked and my reasonings!

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Image Credit: Jeff Swinger – USA TODAY Sports