The 2020 Fantasy Football Consistency Collection Review

The 2020 Fantasy Football Consistency Collections is out, and written by a guy I know very well, so I thought I’ll do a review of it. The guy in question is Phillip Caldwell, maybe better know as DumpsterDiveFF.

Who is Phillip Caldwell?

Before we even get to telling you what is on the page- I know what you are thinking. Who is Phillip Caldwell?

Phillip Caldwell has an extensive body of work for many websites. Including Eat.Sleep.Fantasy, FF24/7, FFStatistics, as well as RotoViz.

Phillip is a great follow on Twitter, and all round good guy- so make sure you give him a follow!

The 2020 Fantasy Football Consistency Collection Review: What is covered in the book?

Phillip’s Consistency Method

There are a million ways that consistency has been looked at in the past, but normally it looks at ranking players by position week to week.

However, Phillip uses a slightly different way to look at it. He uses the co-efficient of variation to measure relative variability, in a similar way as we have in our stats database file. The key difference is that instead of using a player’s average score (as we have) he uses their maximum score.

Consistency Profiles For Every (?) Player

Outside of that, the bulk of the book are profiles for what seems like every player you might consider drafting. They look back at previous seasons consistency, look at their total score and current ADP. Then a small blurb on each player so you can get a step ahead of your league.

An example of one of those profiles is shown below;

Jameis Winston The 2020 Fantasy Football Consistency Collection King Fantasy Sports

As you can see it outlines how effective a player has been overall by season, with a bit of a preview of what to expect going forward for the 2020 season.

Then at the end of each section, there is a recap of the players scoring to show how players scored points week to week.

So it really gives you what you need to understand how consistent a player is week to week. Understanding what you have to ‘give up’ in consistency to get a top fantasy finish is truly a fantasy weapon worth adding.

So where can I get it?

You can get it on Amazon UK as well as your local countries Amazon page (just search for it). In season, you’ll be able to find it on ProFootballNetwork and Phillip’s Twitter

The 2020 Fantasy Football Consistency Collection Review: Is it worth it?

Ultimately in my review on this is

“Should I buy it?”

I think that it’s a fantastic resource, and really helps you understand how to apply consistency. For the price too, it’s worth the investment- even if it is just for one year to delve into the methodology of consistency and then apply it year after year. Support a writer by grabbing a copy!

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