Top 10 Dynasty LB

LB is easily the top position to draft for IDP, talking dynasty or redraft, here we cover the top 10. Middle linebackers are the cream of the crop. Edge rushers are nice to have too but they are a little more boom bust. If there’s 1 thing I can remind you is to chase the tackles, do not chase the big plays or the IDP tds. Make sure you know your scoring settings well. Most leagues tackles are the #1 stat for IDP but do your research some leagues favor sacks and INT so know your scoring settings!

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Everyone knows Darius Leonard is the #1 LB off the board in pretty much every IDP league. Make sure you watch the video for the rest of my top 10 plus a few honorable mentions!

Quality linebackers is what will turn your team from a playoff contender to a championship squad. Linebackers are like the “running backs” of IDP. They are the solid pieces that are the backbone of your defense in real life and in fantasy. Load up on these young stud linebackers.

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Image Credit: Douglas DeFelice – USA TODAY Sports