Top 3 Sleeper QBs for SFBX

SFBX QB 2020 scoring needs some explaining, becuase it’s unlikely it’ll be your standard league scoring. Here we look at the scoring and identify some sleeper picks.

SFBX has been all over Twitter because it is a fantastic tournament for a fantastic cause, FantasyCares. I am grateful to have the privilege to be a part of this tournament. But one of my first thoughts, when I saw the scoring for SFBX, was “Why are their points per completion and points per incompletion and do I really know what I just got myself into!?!?!?” If you felt the panic, then make sure you keep reading and continue to breathe!

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SFBX QB 2020 Scoring

We have covered the SFBX scoring already, if you missed it you can find it here.


The scoring is very different from normal redraft and dynasty leagues. All the QB scoring has been changed except Pts per passing yard

0.5 point per Pass Completion & -1 Pts per Pass Incompletion

These two scoring sections make accurate QBs that have a high completion percentage important. If a QB finishes with less than a 67% completion percentage then that QB will start receiving negative points, while if a QB has a higher completion percentage than 67%, they will receive more points. For example, if a QB threw 20 passes and completed all 20, they would gain 10 points that week along with their points from the other categories.

6 Pts per Passing TD, -4 Pts per Interception (-2 points per Pick 6)

The -4 points per interception makes QBs who throw interceptions not startable because of the huge point penalty. Also, QBs who are pocket passers become more valuable because they typically pass for more touchdowns.

-1 Pts per Sack

We have never worried about the O-Line impacting our QB fantasy points until now! If your QB is on an offense where they get sacked frequently, then they be losing you points constantly throughout the game. Also, QBs that tend to scramble have a higher likelihood to get sacked as well. For example, the two highest sacked QBs in 2019 were, Deshaun Watson and Russel Wilson.

Why does the SFBX use these “weird” scoring for QBs?

Let’s hear what the scoring does for QBs from Scott Fish & Ryan McDowell. Also, you should listen to this podcast because Scott & Ryan talk about the importance of charity and other great topics related to SFBX!

The use of giving 0.5 points per completion and -1 points per incompletion “breaks up the QB tiers better”. Also, you need to “take into account the O-Line”. Lastly, this scoring will give a “wide range of QB scores between top guys. The scoring also shows who are the best QBs in the league and who is just getting by”.

What does this mean for competing in SFBX at QB in 2020?

Let’s begin by looking at fantasy football darling Jameis Winston who dominated normal fantasy football scoring league (4 points per TD & -1 per interceptions). But how did he fare when you look at PPG using the SFBX scoring?

Winston dropped 15 spots when using SFBX scoring from the base scoring when looking at PPG because he was an interception machine (30 INTs) and had a 60% completion percentage which lead to negative 3.5 PPG from incompletions (380 completions & 246 incompletions). All the scoring changes lead to his fall from fantasy glory, which is a great thing because he was not a good real life QB and put his team in bad situations constantly.

Top 3 Sleeper SFBX 2020 QB Options

Drew Brees

Drew Brees has been the QB2 in PPG for the last 2 seasons. Also, in both seasons, he was only 2 points per game behind Patrick Mahomes (2018) and Lamar Jackson (2019) who both had historic seasons in any league setting. Brees gets a bump because of his completion percentage (gains about 4 PPG) and is sacked less than most QBs. He was the 3rd least sacked QB in 2018 (sacks per game) and was the least sacked QB in 2019 (sacks per game). I would draft Brees as my QB3 only behind Patrick Mahomes and Lamar Jackson.

Kirk Cousins

Kirk Cousins has been a QB1 the last two years with the scoring in PPG (QB10 in 2018 and QB9 in 2019 in PPG). Over both seasons, Cousins gained an average of 1.5 PPG by having a completion percentage of 69%. He was in the bottom 8 QBs in interceptions per game in both 2018 and 2019 and was in the lower half of the league in sacks per game over the last two years. He should be drafted as a QB1 in SFBX.

Derek Carr

In 2019, Derek Carr went from QB25 to QB10, the largest jump by any QB. This jump occurred mainly from his completion percentage being the 2nd highest in the NFL only behind Brees (he was the #6 QB in completion percentage in 2018). His gained around 2 PPG from completion percentage alone. Carr was in the bottom 8 QBs in sacks per game and interceptions per game. Carr should be drafted as a high upside QB2.

Advice for Preparing for SFBX (After you’ve sorted your QB for 2020)

I strongly recommend getting to know the SFBX scoring and which players it helps and hurts. For QBs, focus on guys that consistently have a high completion percentage, do not get sacks, and do not throw interceptions. Also, check our spreadsheet over SFBX scoring, which lists VBD data and fantasy points data from 2017 to 2019 for all players.

So who are your fantasy grudges going into the season? Let us know, you can find us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Image Credit: Chuck Cook – USA TODAY Sports