Trust or Bust Week 10 2022

Welcome back to my trust or bust series, brought back for 2022, here we look at the Week 10 matchups.

For those who read my article last week, I shared what I’d like to think was a special moment with my son, Baker. Well, lucky me, I had another special moment with my son this past Sunday. No, he didn’t score five touchdowns like Joe Mixon or reach one hundred thousand passing yards like Tom Brady. What Baker and I did for the first time won’t be in any record books, but it’s something I know every dad looks forward to doing with their child one day. As I sat there watching the Commanders and Vikings game, my son was playing like he usually does. Only this time he was a little more into the game than usual. While playing and watching the game Baker decides to bring me a toy out of his toy box, a tennis ball.

At first, I didn’t think much of it, but suddenly a lightbulb in my head turned on! I throw it across the room. My son screams with excitement, goes and gets the ball, and brings it back to me. This was the first time I got to play “catch” with my son and it was just another special moment with Baker that I’ll never forget. In fantasy, we experience special moments almost every week. Maybe that last-minute lineup change won you your week. Perhaps you beat your best friend by less than a point while watching the game with them. You might have spent the day with your dad watching football and drinking your favorite beers. Whatever it is don’t forget to look at the bigger picture and try to remember those special moments you’ve had.

Accountability Report

QB Joe Burrow (CIN)

Week 9 Ranking 8th

Prediction- Bust

Week 9 Finish 7th

I should’ve known better than to bet against Joe Cool in a bounce-back game! Even though teammate Joe Mixon stole the show with his historic day, Burrow found a way to get his too.

RB Leonard Fournette (TB)

Week 9 Ranking 11th

Prediction- Bust

Week 9 Finish 20th

Tampa Bay got a much-needed win on Sunday and it’s never a bad thing to be the player that helps Tom Brady reach another milestone. Unfortunately, Fournette didn’t help fantasy managers very much with his eleven-point performance.

WR Tee Higgins (CIN)

Week 9 Ranking 9th

Prediction- Bust

Week 9 Finish 23rd

Like with Joe Burrow, Joe Mixon stole the show and after scoring five touchdowns there’s only so much to go around. Fun fact: Since entering the league as a rookie Tee Higgins has seven WR1 weeks in 39 games played. Teammate Ja’Marr Chase has eight WR1 weeks in 24 games played.

TE T.J. Hockenson (MIN)

Week 9 Ranking 12th

Prediction- Bust

Week 9 Finish 5th

Baker and I weren’t the only ones building a connection Sunday. It looks like Kirk Cousins found him another weapon and it didn’t take long for them to get on the same page. Hockensen was second in targets with nine on Sunday.

The bye weeks made finding ‘BUST’ candidates harder than usual, they didn’t make it hard for me to make an excuse for a bad week though.

Week 9 Results- 2 for 4 100%





Week 10 Inside/ Outside Picks

QB Jimmy Garoppolo (SF)


Current Ranking 20th

AVG Points per Game 16.0

Week 10 ranking 12th

The funny thing about Garoppolo is he does just enough to help fantasy teams win, but he’s rarely the reason you won. Garoppolo has yet to score more than nineteen points in any game this season and with newly added Christian McCaffrey on the team, it’s unlikely Jimmy will do much as a runner. That’s not exactly how forte anyway. Facing a Chargers team that allows less than fifteen points to QBs on average, I expect Garoppolo to finish as a high-end QB2 this week.

Who I like More

QB Jacoby Brissett (CLE)


Week 10 ranking 22nd

With five top-twenty finishes this season, Jacoby Brissett has been more than a fill-in. Clevelands’ offense has scored two hundred points and has outscored nine other teams in the AFC this season. Heading to Miami with a shoot-out versus Tua and the Dolphins Brissett is in a prime position to finish as a top-fifteen fantasy QB.

RB Aaron Jones (GB)


Current Ranking 10th

AVG Points per Game 15.0

Week 10 ranking 12th

We all knew the Packers’ offense had a lot of question marks heading into the 2022 season. The one player we all thought was a “safe” bet was Aaron Jones and as the RB10 we won that bet, or did we? With only three RB1 weeks this season and five RB3 weeks, Jones hasn’t produced the way we thought. He has the volume we all predicted, but not the touchdowns with only four total this year. Now he’s nursing an injury and faces a top-three run defense in the Dallas Cowboys.

Who I like More

RB Tony Pollard (DAL)


Week 10 ranking 17th

Across the field and on the other sideline from Aaron Jones is a player every fantasy manager has been hoping and praying will one day get more touches in his offense. Well, that day has finally come and that player is Tony Pollard. In his first start of the 2022 season, Tony Pollard torched the Chicago Bears for three touchdowns (something Ezekiel Elliot has never done) en route to a thirty-three-point performance. Zeke is still recovering from his injury. Dak is healthy. The offense is starting to click, and now faces a Packers defense that allows an average of twenty-four points to running backs.

WR Mike Evans (TB)


Current Ranking 11th

AVG Points per Game 15.5

Week 10 ranking 11th

With the struggles the Buccaneers’ offense has experienced this season I was surprised to see Evans as a top-12 receiver, considering he only has three touchdowns. The Buccaneers have scored thirty or more points just once this season; and twenty or less five times. Seattle has shut down every big-name receiver they’ve faced this season. After nine weeks, only two receivers have had WR1 weeks.

Who I like More

WR JuJu Smith-Schuster (KC)


Week 10 Ranking 15th

It took a while for JuJu and Mahomes to build their chemistry but after a weekend of playing ‘Call of Duty,’ a real bromance is starting to brew. As the WR6 the last three weeks those who invested in JuJu are starting to reap the reward. Averaging twenty-two points per game in that span, JuJu is a must-start versus a Jaguars defense that’s third in touchdowns allowed to wide receivers.

TE Pat Freiermuth (PIT)

v NO

Current Ranking 13th

AVG Points per Game 10.7

Week 10 ranking 8th

With Chase Claypool traded to Chicago, Freiermuth’s owners are excited to see Pat rising up the pecking order. Freiermuth hasn’t disappointed fantasy players this season with five TE1 weeks already in 2022. It may take Week 11 for Freiermuth to have his sixth TE1 week, seeing as how he faces a Saints’ defense that’s given up one touchdown and less than eight points per game to tight ends.

Who I like More

TE Cade Otten (TB)


Week 10 ranking 17th

Otten must be on cloud nine after catching the game-winning touchdown from Tom Brady in Week 9. Did you know that from Weeks 5-9 Otten is the TE11? With a matchup against the TE-friendly Seahawks who give up the second most points to the position with twenty. Otten has three TE1 weeks this season, number four is well within reach in Week 10.

That’s gonna do it for this week’s piece. I hope you found the info useful and actionable. 

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