Trust or Bust Week 15

Week 15! Normally I’d start with an opening about the action last week, but this week I’m going to relay something a little more serious:

I would like to take the time to be a little more serious here. We know how Covid-19 has impacted our lives over the last year and it’s impacted some of us more than others. I would like to say while fantasy football is a hobby for some and a career for others, I understand that the playoffs start this week and with money, on the line, our emotions can get the best of us. With the recent increase in positive cases, some of our fantasy teams are bound to be impacted by certain players missing games. One thing we need to remember is that NFL players are humans too. Before we judge and/or attack players who are on our fantasy rosters and potentially cost us a chance at a championship, we need to remember that they are humans FIRST, not assets. They have families, people who care about them, and they put their lives on the line every week. We should be grateful that there is a football season in the first place.

OK, let’s get started, but first! Before we move forward, I’d like to remind the readers what exactly this article is intended for.

Every week I select players inside the FantasyPros Consensus Top 12 that I think will finish outside the top 12 and players outside the top 12 that I like more.

This is NOT a ‘start/sit’ article per se. This is more or less how I feel about a player, why I feel that way, suggesting what I would do, what to expect, and who I like more.

I know when offering advice and analysis, accuracy and accountability are important. Not just to you guys but to me as well. Every week I like to keep track and share my previous week’s picks that I got right and wrong.

Accountability Report

QB Lamar Jackson (BAL)

Week 14 Ranking 4th

Prediction- Bust

Week 14 Finish 31st

I HATE injuries! Especially to players like Lamar Jackson and right before the fantasy playoffs begin, ouch! Thankfully it doesn’t sound too serious. 

RB James Conner (ARI)

Week 14 Ranking 12th

Prediction- Bust

Week 14 Finish 2nd

Holy cow!! James Conner just scored another touchdown, on a Tuesday, when there’s not even a game being played. In all seriousness, that’s how good James Conner has been this season and as the RB6 on the season, fantasy managers who have him rejoice.

WR Mike Evans (TB)

Week 14 Ranking 11th

Prediction- Bust

Week 14 Finish 7th

We can do all the research we want. We can crunch all the numbers we want. We can make all the predictions we want. At the end of the day, good football players on good teams perform. Mike Evans is a good football player, plain and simple.

TE Tyler Conklin (MIN)

Week 14 Ranking 11th

Prediction- Bust

Week 14 Finish 31st

In what turned out to be a high-scoring affair, it amazes me that Conklin had such a bad week. Dalvin Cook stole the show and Minnesota did everything they could to give that game away.

ter fourteen weeks of doing these, I would have figured some things out. Guess what? I HAVE NOT figured anything out, but I’m having fun doing it, or, technically, not doing it?

Week 14 Results- 2 for 4 50%





Week 15 Inside/ Outside Picks

QB Dak Prescott (DAL)


Current Ranking 12th

AVG Points per Game 19.5

Week 15 ranking 7th

Look there is no bigger Dak STAN than me and to say I love the Cowboys is an understatement. For fantasy purposes, Dak has underachieved for a while now. In his last four games, Dak has thrown four touchdowns, three interceptions, and is averaging less than fourteen points per game.

Who I like More

QB Tua Tagovailoa (MIA)


Week 15 ranking 14th

An offensive powerhouse Miami is not. However, Tua is starting to show people why he was selected 5th overall. Returning from injury in Week 6 Tua has been the QB9 and out-scored other top-tier quarterbacks such as Dak, Lamar, and Mahomes. 

RB Jonathan Taylor (IND)

v NE

Current Ranking 1st

AVG Points per Game 23.7

Week 15 ranking 3rd

Taylor has made my list before, what happened? HE. WENT. OFF! Safe to say I didn’t learn my lesson, can you blame me? JT and the Colts face-off against Belichick and the Patriots have allowed only two running backs to rush for a hundred yards all season.

Who I like More

RB Clyde Edwards-Helaire (KC)


Week 15 ranking 18th

CEH makes it on this side for the second week in a row. Am I lazy? Actually (for once) NO, I’m not. CEH has been good since he returned from injury, even with minimal usage he’s had three straight double-digit scoring outputs. Scoring three touchdowns in three weeks definitely helps.

WR CeeDee Lamb (DAL)


Current Ranking 14th

AVG Points per Game 16.4

Week 15 ranking 9th

It feels weird having two Cowboys make the list, if you’ve watched their offense lately you understand. Lamb has been consistent; he also hasn’t scored a touchdown in four weeks. With Dallas being playoff-bound, dealing with injuries, and working out the kinks on offense. I’m expecting a very vanilla game plan and offensive performance on Sunday.

Who I like More

WR Jaylen Waddle (MIA)


Week 15 ranking 18th

The Tua/Waddle connection is real and it has been fun to watch. Don’t look now, Waddle is four points away from being a WR1 on the season. The Jets present a tough matchup on Sunday and as a top 5 pass defense the last four weeks, this game will be interesting. Waddle’s eighteen points per game average will help too.

**Waddle has been added to the COVID reserve list, and because he is vaccinated there's a chance he could play on Sunday. In case he doesn't, below is another receiver I like

WR D.K. Metcalf


Week 15 ranking 16th

Unfortunately, Metcalf’s teammate Tyler Lockett has been added to the Covid-19 list and while there’s a chance he may play, I wouldn’t bet on it. D.K. hasn’t scored a touchdown in a month. Thankfully the Seahawks offense is starting to heat up with thirty-point performances the last two weeks.

TE Kyle Pitts (ATL)


Current Ranking 8th

Week 15 Ranking 9th

As the TE8 on the season, Pitts is on pace for a historical rookie season. After three straight single-digit performances, Pitts scored over ten points in Week 14. Unfortunately for fantasy managers, Pitts hasn’t scored a touchdown since Week 5.

Who I like More

TE Tyler Higbee (LAR)


Week 15 ranking 14th

With the recent news regarding the Covid-19 outbreak at the Rams facility, key players have already been affected, one player, in particular, is Odell Beckham Jr. Prior to Week 14, Higbee had seen a total of twenty-six targets from weeks 9-13.  With the Seattle defense being the worst versus tight ends during the last month, I see a TE1 week in Higbee’s future.

That’s gonna do it for this week’s piece. I hope you found the info useful and actionable. 

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