UK Draft Board Free P&P

This is our flagship product- the thing that started the idea of our site and shop. Being in the UK I was fed up with having to wait for ages for a draft board to come over from the US and paying nearly the price of the product again for shipping.

So I decided that enough was enough. We like fantasy football here, and we should enjoy live drafts!

How it is useful to you

If you play fantasy football with your friends, then you know the game is built around a connection with your league-mates. There is nothing greater than getting together to make your selections for the NFL season. This board brings the whole league together. Make a snack stadium, get some drinks and enjoy the experience!

Watching your friend pick up a kicker of defense in the seventh round of the draft online isn’t the same as when they grab that sticker and put it under their name.

Why it is different

Our draft board is different because it is already in the UK, waiting to be shipped out. We send all of them out first class, meaning that you can get your board quickly and without fuss.

We designed and produced this board for our league, and having played for a number of years we know what is important to get right to make the most of the experience.

What do I get in the pack?

When you order your pack you’ll get a large board to use wherever you want to hold your draft. You’ll also get stickers covering even the deepest of rosters (including blank labels in case there is a late breakout star)

You will also get an email containing a roster sheet that you are able to print at home and share with your league mates to keep track of their picks.

Still have questions?

If you still have questions- then reach out to us on one of our social channels. Always happy to help!