UKFL 2020: Day Five

Day Five of the UKFL 2020 is finished- time flies while you are having fun right! As with previous days, we will recap some of the action and then move onto the decision we made yesterday to reverse transactions.

Apologies for the late clock switch off last night. I was folding draft boards ready to ship (if you are doing a live draft then check them out). Oh, I also found a version of Hard Knocks episode 1 on Youtube which distracted me for a while. But normal service will resume!

Remember if you need any information you can likely find it on the UKFL area of the site, or you can message us on Twitter.

UKFL 2020: Draft Progress

We are now up to 13 drafts finished! Great effort! There’s been some great progress in the past day, and there are a few that could finish today too. If you are in a draft that is still going, don’t worry there is still plenty of time to get the draft done.

If you missed the ADP data from the first four rounds from yesterday, then have a look here:

We are going to have more information once all of the drafts are completed. Initially, we will be able to look at the splits of positions, as well as what a typical roster looks like. We are seeing already that we have seen completely different roster build-ups compared to the previous season. If there is something that you would like us to analyze let us know!

There seems to be a great amount of interaction in the leagues too. As promised, we will be setting up the Twitter groups shortly. To get ahead of the curve you can DM our Twitter account with your division name, and we will start grouping you together.

UKFL 2020: Decision to reverse transactions

Yesterday, in some leagues we had to reverse transactions that had occurred. So that you can all understand the reasoning and how we came to the decision, we wanted to outline it:

  • We noticed that there were players that were picked up in free agency, due to the way that the IR system can be used (as well as some general movements)
  • The intention was that the FAAB system would be used in the league
  • The reason being that not everyone is at their phone/ computer all day, and in order to be fair, everyone should have the opportunity to pick up any player.
  • We therefore turned on the FAAB system now (as was the original intention)
  • In order to be fair, we reversed the transactions that occurred previous to it.

We understand that in reversing some of the transactions, there might’ve been a ‘tipping of the hand’. However, at this stage of the season, the moves that are being made aren’t a great shock. If you have concerns with the decision that we came to, you can get into contact with us- I’m happy to walk anyone through it in more detail.

UKFL 2020: Donations Page

The league has been set up for two purposes.

  1. We wanted to connect fans,
  2. Raise money for charity.

This year, the charity we are supporting is Mind. If you haven’t made a donation (and you are able to) please do. We have a Just Giving page set up. However, if there is something that you are passionate about supporting, please do.

So far we have raised £270 which is fantastic- so thank you very much! That’s it for the recap of UKFL 2020 Day Five!

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