UKFL 2020: Day One & A Few Notes

Day One of the UKFL 2020 is (nearly) done, so we wanted to share a few notes with you. Remember any information that you need from us is (most likely) answered in the UKFL section of the site.

Drafting: Help us help you

Speed of Picks

One of the things that we have seen most often is that someone hasn’t made a pick quickly enough. We understand that it’s frustrating, but please be patient. Some people in the league work shifts, or simply haven’t been by their phone.

The real league kicks off in around a month, so there is plenty of time for the draft to be completed. We are looking at players making their picks, and have people lined up as replacements if needed. Please just bare with us.

We will also be putting the timer on pause at around 10pm each night (but you can still pick beyond this time) and resume between 8am and 9am (more variable, but will be before 9am each day)


Set up a draft queue

One thing you can do to speed up your draft is set a draft queue. If you do that- please tell us! By default, the pick is only selected once your timer has expired.

However, we (as commissioners) can set your pick to chose from the players you selected. If you aren’t sure on how to do that- you can find more information here. IF YOU PLAN ON DOING THIS CAN YOU PLEASE LET US KNOW VIA SLEEPER/ TWITTER AND WE CAN DO THE PICK WITHOUT THE TIMER EXPIRING.

Tagging the Next Person

If you want to speed up the draft, you can also tag the next person that is due to pick (that is happening in a lot of leagues already)

Twitter Groups

We are also going to be setting up Twitter groups for the leagues, to help make the picking process a bit speedier also. Once we have the first round picks in the books, we will set these up. They are also going to be another outlet for you to connect with your league mates.

ADP Data

We are also bringing together the data of the picks and will put something together for you all to have a look at (if you are interested). The 1.01 you’ll be shocked to hear was mainly Christian McCaffrey, but there are quite a few different strategies playing out.

UKFL 2020: A Note From National Vintage League

One of our sponsors are the guys over at National Vintage League. So if you aren’t aware of them, please check out their site. They have great stuff up there every day that you won’t find anywhere else.

Their social media channels are also pretty epic, including their Emergency Broadcasts which you can find on YouTube:

I think that’s everything to share for today. But if you want clarification on anything then please reach out us on Twitter (it’s where we are most responsive)

Image Credit: Jeremy Brevard – USA TODAY Sports