UKFL 2020: Day Three

Day Three of the UKFL 2020 is in the books. Meaning it’s time for the recap of the day. Along with some updates for the league to answer some questions that you guys have had.

Remember if you need any information you can likely find it on the UKFL area of the site, or you can message us on Twitter.

UKFL 2020: Draft Progress

The drafts are moving along nicely, some quicker than others, but that is to be expected. We are really looking forward to sharing the ADP presentation, but already we’ve seen a real mix of strategies.

Some highlights;

  • There have been 206 unique players selected so far
  • Just four players have a spread of 80 or over so far (Jarvis Landry, Drew Lock, Tyler Higbee and Mecole Hardman)
  • Pittsburgh Steelers have had 9 unique players drafted from their team (the most of any team)
  • There are four teams that have only had 5 unique players drafted so far (Atlanta Falcons, Baltimore Ravens, Tennessee Titans & Washington Redskins)

UKFL 2020: Playoffs

The playoff picture is being finalised as we speak. However, the outline is as follows;

  • Start in Week 13
  • Will follow a similar pattern to the previous season, but exact knockouts will be determined this week

UKFL 2020: Donations Page

The league has been set up for two purposes.

  1. We wanted to connect fans,
  2. Raise money for charity.

This year, the charity we are supporting is Mind. If you haven’t made a donation (and you are able to) please do. We have a Just Giving page set up. However, if there is something that you are passionate about supporting, please do.

So far we have raised £215 which is fantastic- so thank you very much! That’s it for the recap of UKFL 2020 Day Three, in the next installment we will share some early information on the ADPs from the first few rounds.

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Image Credit: Darren Yamashita – USA TODAY Sports