UKFL 2020: Drafts are finished! ADP Info

So the UKFL 2020 drafts are finished- meaning it’s time to share the complete ADP info. Now, if you have been keeping up to date there was one selection that is a bit strange…..

If you want to grab a look at all of the selections, then you can download the file below;

This recap will be a bit shorter than the others. Remember if you need any information you can likely find it on the UKFL area of the site, or you can message us on Twitter.

UKFL 2020: ADP Info

With the league having a new spin with scoring and lineup, there we were expecting to see more varied strategies and you guys didn’t disappoint!

If you are wondering what the ‘average’ roster looks like (at least in terms of positions) it looks like this;

That’s not to say that if you have more of a position or less than the above that you’ve made a ‘mistake’, it’s just an average. The thing is, in this league, with so many flex spots you can truly make the team yours. Now, lets get into some of the things that stood out.

UKFL 2020: QB ADP Info

The top talent was unsurprisingly the current and previous Madden cover stars- Patrick Mahomes and Lamar Jackson. Neither of them made it out of the first round, and on average both were gone by the middle of the first round.

Infact, we saw a few tiers of players emerge;

Tier One

  • Patrick Mahomes
  • Lamar Jackson

Tier Two

  • Dak Prescott
  • Deshaun Watson
  • Russell Wilson

Then Kyler Murray was kind of in his own tier, not close enough to the tier two guys, but ahead of the other guys by a long way.

UKFL 2020: RB ADP Info

Unsurprisingly, even with a change in scoring the top two players selected. Christian McCaffrey and Saquon Barkley were the popular one and two selections overall. After that, Ezekiel Elliott and Alvin Kamara finished out the picks at the position in another mini-tier.

Interestingly, there weren’t alot of question marks over the status of Dalvin Cook (at least in the minds of people drafting) as he was selected as early as the fourth pick in drafts, and on average the ninth player off the board.

The opt-out of Damien Williams pushed Clyde Edwards-Helaire up into the first round of some drafts, and an average of RB8. While fellow rookie Jonathan Taylor fell to RB22!

The highest ranking RB that wasn’t taken in all leagues was Taylor’s veteran competition Marlon Mack, taken in every division other than one.

UKFL 2020: WR ADP Info

The wide receiver position only had one player in the first round (on average)- Michael Thomas. While only Davante Adams was the only receiver that was selected in the first round at all.

There were a few other players selected early, then a whole bunch that were grouped together. That group included the Tampa duo of Chris Godwin and Mike Evans- selected just 3 picks apart (on average)!

Unlike with the real NFL draft the first rookie receiver to be taken was CeeDee Lamb. Ahead of the likes of Marvin Jones, Deebo Samuel (understandable given the injury) and Jamison Crowder!

UKFL 2020: TE ADP Info

The change in TE scoring I think might have filtered all the way down to all divisions. However, despite that, there were six players taken in the first three rounds.

Seems again, that there were some tiers that formed;

Tier One

  • Travis Kelce
  • George Kittle

No surprises here, with Kelce being taken inside the first round on average and Kittle at the start of the second round. With the premium on scoring, these two guys are going to be great players this season in this format.

Tier Two

  • Mark Andrews
  • Zach Ertz

Again, no surprise with the second tier. Andrews had a great season last year, and could repeat with Hayden Hurst out of town. Then Darren Waller fell into his own tier. Overall, the number of TE’s were selected as last year, but they were typically taken earlier across the board.

UKFL 2021: Signups

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Image Credit: Stan Szeto – USA TODAY Sports