UKFL 2020: Kickoff Looming

Here we are- the Kickoff of the UKFL 2020 is Looming over us, with just over a week until the NFL season kicks off. Just a quick update on a few things. Remember, you can always reach out to us on Twitter if you have any questions about the league.

UFKL3: Signups Are Open

The season might not have kicked off yet, but we have now opened up signups for next year. Remember, you have to signup each year that you want to participate. So head over and signup so you don’t forget!

The Jacksonville Backfield

Jacksonville made a move that crashed Sleeper yesterday, when they decided to let Leonard Fournette go. Needless to say, there has been some movement on the wire in the leagues;

Ryqeull ArmsteadChris ThompsonDevin Ozigbo
Number of Pickups1771
Average FAAB Spend3380
Max FAAB Spend100210
Min FAAB Spend000

So, a lot of movement. I think the most interesting thing to me was what happened in the Alastair Cook division. In that division, Armstead was picked up for nothing. While Chris Thompson was acquired for $10!

Season Long DFS

This season, there is a new league in town. But it’s not something that you are likely to have played in before. It’s a season-long DFS league. If you want more details then you can find out more here. But it should be a lot of fun!

National Vintage League Bring Back The Emergency Broadcast (Kind Of)

One of our partners, National Vintage League, took the edge off lockdown with their Emergency Broadcasts. So I was pretty disappointed when they ended (I even messaged Chris directly). However, they have returned (kind of) as the boys are back with their revamped show “The NVL Show”. Episode 1 tackles the big question “Are Eagles fans the worst?” and the boys are joined by Colleen Wolfe!

So that’s it! Hopefully that’s got you over the post draft lul and the stories coming out of training excited for the kickoff of the UKFL 2020!

Image Credit: Douglas DeFelice – USA TODAY Sports