UKFL 2020: Playoff Picture

The playoff picture has now been decided for the UKFL 2020. Firstly, apologies that it has taken so long- with the expansion happening late we wanted to check it made sense.

UKFL 2020: Playoff Picture Diagram

The playoffs will work in the same way as last year:

  • You need to enter a team into the Sleeper app (the result of that in-app game doesn’t matter)
  • Teams face everyone in the matchup they are put into
  • Highest scores advance from each matchup

If you have any questions on the playoff picture for the UKFL 2020, then just let us know. The best way is to reach out to us on Twitter. We will, obviously, be sharing more information closer to the time too.

Remember to set your lineups!

The season kicks off tomorrow (pretty much, I know it’s actually early Friday) so don’t forget to set your lineups! If you don’t know who to put into your lineup, then we have weekly rankings. However, bear in mind that those aren’t set up for the unique scoring of our league.

UFKL3: Signups Are Open

Just a reminder that signups are now open for next year. Remember, you have to signup each year that you want to participate. So head over and signup so you don’t forget!

Image Credit: Brace Hemmelgarn – USA TODAY Sports