UKFL 2021 Draft Update

With the UKFL 2021 underway, we wanted to share a draft update with you. The drafts have been moving along nicely (with only a few replacements needed). So thank you for making it easy for us to manage. Somehow after thinking I’d have lots of time around the draft it didn’t happen- so sorry about that and the lateness of this first update!

Fundraising & Chosen Charity

Firstly, a quick update on the fundraising. We’ve done really well raising £607 (with another £119 in gift aid). If you haven’t donated, please do. You can do that here. It’s really appreciated.

I spoke to the founder of the charity and they are so thankful for all of the donations. I wanted to just take a moment and share why they need our support. As well as some facts that they shared with me, that (at least for me) really hit home the importance of the work that they do.

4 million children in the UK are living in households whose income falls below the poverty line. This means that, after they’ve paid for their housing and utilities, they have just £19 per day to live on – for food, clothes, transport, birthdays and every thing else they might need. At First Days we help families at a time of crisis – when they need something for their children and simply cannot afford it. 

For every £1 you donate we save £4 in a family’s budget by giving them the more expensive things they need for thier childre- money that can be spend on bills, food and other essentials.

The average school uniform costs the equivalent of a family on low incomes (according to government definition) their entire budget for 3 weeks- if families were to buy this uniform, rather than having help from us, they would not be able to pay their bills or feed their children.

Emma Cantrell, First Days Founder

So really, we’ve managed to add just under £2,500 to family budgets with what you’ve all managed to contribute. That’s HUGE. I also found there are more ways that you can help them in their cause. You can nominate them as your Amazon Smile charity.

This one is simple. Head over to and change your account to one that makes donations. It doesn’t cost you anything to do, and instead of Bezos buying the third yacht in a week donations are made to charity.

ADP Information

We are compiling the ADP information and will share it in full once all drafts are completed. The best thing to see is that each division has really taken different strategies, and found values at different positions.

Currently, there are six divisions that have finished their drafts. However, I wanted to say there isn’t a rush to get them done. We have only just seen the Hall of Fame game played, so there is plenty of preseason to go!

We are going to have more information once all of the drafts are completed. Initially, we will be able to look at the splits of positions, as well as what a typical roster looks like. We are seeing already that we have seen completely different roster build-ups compared to the previous season. If there is something that you would like us to analyze let us know!

Well, that’s the first UKFL draft update for 2021. Only a quick one, I’ll update early next week. In the meantime, if you need a refresh of the rules, check it out here. Or jump into our Discord server and ask any questions you have.

Image Credit: Bob Donnan – USA TODAY Sports