UKFL COVID Affected Games

This is to outline our approach to the uncertainty around the COVID Affected Games and our solution for the UKFL. We appreciate that this is a constantly changing situation. So if there is a change that you feel needs to be made- please reach out to us.

We also reserve the right to make a change to what you have entered if an abuse to the system is being made. This falls under our integrity clause in our rules. Equally, if you want clarification on anything then please reach out to us on Twitter and we will answer any questions you have.

Situation around the games

Eligible games are likely well known each week, but please reach out if you need to confirm. If there is any uncertainty over if a game will be postponed altogether then we will operate this rule. So that we are able to be fair to competitors we are going to offer a substitute scheme. The details about that can be found below.

Details about the substitute scheme

The substitute scheme is set out to allow owners to know that they have a ‘safety blanket’ if the decision to postpone the game is made. The following criteria apply;

  • You need to fill out all sections of the form below if you want to have a substitute made
  • The form needs to be filled out before the kickoff in the new players game.
  • Your latest response will be taken
  • You can fill it out for as many players as you need. For example, if you have 4 players in an affected game, you can enter 4 substitutions.

However, you should note that if you choose a player that has a 6pm kickoff slot, you will not be able to then enter another entry for the later games. Equally, if your substitute gets injured- that is unfortunate but the substitute will be made.

Hopefully, that’s cleared up our approach for the how we are going to deal with with COVID Affected Games, and how that will affect your UKFL lineup. Please reach out if you want clarity on anything.

Image credit: Kirby Lee – USA TODAY Sports