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UK Fantasy League #UKFL

UKFL Rules

The UKFL needed rules and we wanted to make clear the rules that were going to be enforcing during the competition.  They are shown on this page, but you can find them here too incase you can’t read them clearly.

If you need clarity regarding any of the rules, please contact us. You can contact us on any of our social channels or you can email us Equally if you think that something should be changed, or aren’t happy with a particular rule please let us know. The UKFL was created for fans, so needs to be representative of what you want.

Remember to signup for next year you need to do that each year you want to participate.


Rich & Ben

GDPR Requirements

Under GDPR legislation we have to inform you that we are going to store the data collected for the purposes of contacting you in regards to participation in the UKFantasyLeague and messaging relating to that.

If you would like us to delete your data at any time, please contact