UKFL2020 : Roster Update

With the UKFL2020 drafts just over the horizon, we wanted to give you an update of the roster decisions. In particular, to give you an update on the impact of COVID-19 on the league. We also wanted to share some great work that one of the participants has put together.

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UKFL2020: COVID-19

As many of you might be aware, there is a global pandemic that is currently taking its hold. The uncertainty of the effect on the NFL is still a fluid situation. Including players opting out of playing this year.

After a lot of thought, we pushed the draft date back. That way we would know how the season will be played. Now those details are more widely known, we have made adjustments to the roster size in the league.

Introduction of Injured Reserve (IR) spots

The decision that we have come to is that for this season only, we are going to utilize Injured Reserve (IR) spots. If you haven’t played in a league with these then you can read more about what they are here. But they are essentially restricted bench spots.

Sleeper has itself allowed us to use some of the COVID-19 designations. You can read more about those designations here.

Therefore for the current season, we have activated the following IR criteria;

  • Allow Players with COVID-19 on IR
  • Allow Out Players on IR

Reasoning & Number of Spots

The reason is simple. We don’t want you to be forced to drop players because they are unable to play due to COVID-19.

The number is going to be set at six to start the season. At the moment we aren’t sure how much of an impact this will have. We will be revisiting as appropriate throughout the season.

If you have any other questions that we haven’t covered, then let us know. You can find us on Twitter, where we will be happy to answer anything you want to know.

UKFL2020: Roster Build Up

Last year, one of the participants Nick Frost did some great work on the selections that were made.

This year, he has pulled something together to help people understand what they need to do for their draft preparation. Take a look below (best viewed on a computer);

Image Credit: Kirby Lee – USA TODAY Sports