UK Fantasy League #UKFL

Power Rankings

UKFL Power rankings. They mean nothing and everything. However, waiting for the season to start they give you bragging rights over your division rivals. Or a false sense of security.

Either way, we took a look at the drafted rosters and ranked them! You can find a list below or can find it here. The way we ranked them was;

  • The method was to take the roster selected, and using the rankings at Fantasy Pros assign point values to each player and roster
  • Ranking the list of teams based on their scored points total

If you don’t agree with it, then let us know on Twitter. If you ranked highly, then I’m sure you are far more happy than if you didn’t. Drafting a kicker or DST wouldn’t overly affect your score, just remember to pick one up before the start of the season!

Enjoy the season, and have fun with it. Let the trash talk commence! (and remember- use the #UKFL on Twitter!)

If you aren’t signed up for next year remember to do that here