Week 3 Recap of the Dirty Dozen

It’s Sunday, so let’s do a quick recap of my Week 3 Dirty Dozen. Keep in mind this was based on the roster percentage (over 90%) on Yahoo. So, if you need a quick refresh, click here to see who made my list of bench riding bums.

These guys must read my articles…

Drew Brees, QB, New Orleans

Thinking about it and taking a look back, Drew must have be a reader here at King Fantasy, how else does does he come out like a man possessed in the Voodoo City on Sunday night. Actually, it wasn’t him, it was Alvin Kamara, that was truly possessed. Drew just happened to sling him the rock and let Alvin run past the hapless Green Bay Packers. He ended up being the 10th best quarterback in PPR leagues and I think we won’t be seeing him here anytime soon.

Tyler Boyd, WR, Cincinnati

Tyler and Joe Burrow have a connection brewing that rivals most any other quarterback to wide receiver combo. I was expecting a much better performance from AJ Green and apparently he has chosen to just not show up. Tyler went for a ridiculous 10 catches and 125 yards. Needless to say, he won’t be making this list anytime soon as he finished as wide receiver 10 in PPR format.

The jury is still out

Like the title says, the following players were good but they weren’t great. The jury is still out on them. Would you have been ok if you started them? Maybe. But like with everything else in life…we could be doing better and we should.

Todd Gurley II, RB, Atlanta

Todd went out and just bossed the Chicago defense. Granted, it was yet again in a losing effort…quick side note, how is Dan Quinn still the coach there? Gurley went wild for 80 yards and a touchdown against a Chicago defense that hadn’t given up more than 65 yards per game all year. He was able to take this stat line and finish as running back 18, which isn’t great but its serviceable. Needless to say, with the injuries mounting for Atlanta, expect to see a heavy dose of Gurley versus Green Bay and no where to be found here.

Kenny Golladay, WR, Detroit

Kenny G was here not because his alto saxophone playing was subpar but due to the fact, my dude had yet to play a single snap this year. Also, word to the wise; anytime a wideout has a bum wheel or is coming back from a hamstring injury, it’s best to be hesitant. Needless to say, he came out and performed as wide receiver 22. Posting a stat line that won’t raise any eyebrows but it also won’t make you send ALL CAP TWEETS at him. Six catches, 57 yards and a score. Not too shabby my friend.

Told You Not To Start Them

Ah, yes, this is where I get to say I told you so. These guys were the ones I was excited to be taking a look back at as my bench riding bums. If you can math, then you will see that I got EIGHT of my dirty dozen correct. Technically, I got 10 but Gurley and Golladay were serviceable. So. Since these other guys were bums, I won’t even give you stats or a quick blurb. Because they don’t deserve it: Ronald Jones II, Will Fuller V, Jared Cook, Hunter Henry, Evan Engram, David Johnson, T.Y. Hilton and Adam Thielen. I’ve seen a one-legged man in a butt-kicking contest play better than you.

Anyways, friends, that’s all we have recap of the Dirty Dozen for Week 3. Hitting eight out of my 12 picks is pretty solid. Come back around lunchtime to check out the picks for who should be sitting out for week 4. If you can’t wait and need answers now or just want some witty banter, come follow me on Twitter @Heady_Football.

Image Credit: Chuck Cook – USA TODAY Sports