It’s Week 8 And The Players Who WON’T Be Great

Welcome back to Heady’s Hooligans edition week 8 and the players who won’t be great. Ten players that are more than likely in your lineups across whatever spectrum you use to play fantasy that you should be weary of. Not saying that they won’t be productive players or worth your time. It’s just that they have a certain, je ne sais quoi, about them and their matchups that won’t make them productive members.

Lamar Jackson, Quarterback, Baltimore

This man is going to be on this list a lot over the next few months. Yes, he is still a threat to always beat a team single handedly. BUT, so far this year, it’s been the opposite. Outside of a few games, Lamar has been lackluster. He will continue that streak against Pittsburgh and their vaunted defense. I wouldn’t start him if I could afford it.

Justin Herbert, Quarterback, Los Angeles Chargers

Yes. I know. He has been simply en fuego so far this year since that idiot of a doctor took Tyrod out. But, players beware. Denver’s defense has been STOUT this year and even more so when at home. He may throw for a couple scores but that will be offset by a couple turnovers, and not the apple kind. YUM. Please find alternatives for this week if he is your dude. Might I recommend his rookie counterpart, Joe Burrow? Or just check out our rankings here at the King’s Table for a suitable alternate.

Clyde Edwards-Helaire, Running Back, Kansas City

I’ll keep this one sweet and to the point in all of four words. Revenge game, Le’Veon Bell. Enough said.

James Conner, Running Back, Pittsburgh

Anytime you have two teams facing off in the AFC North not named Cincinnati or Cleveland you can count on this. Defense. And more specifically, the run defense. Both of these teams are going to be knocking the proverbial snot out of each other as they battle for dominance. I just firmly believe that James, while heavily involved, won’t be able to produce at nearly the rate we normally expect of him. He will clock in as a mid range running back two this week.

Ezekiel Elliot, Running Back, Dallas

The tide has turned on the entire Dallas Cowboy team. What was once a highly touted offensive unit and middle of the road defense is no more. You should not be starting ANY player that wears the silver and blue. Especially with Philadelphia’s defense in town. Unless something magical happens with that offensive line and Dallas’ third string quarterback, it’s going to be a long day. For reference, according to, Zeke isn’t even a top 20 running back over the past two weeks. Trade him. Unless its dynasty.

Keenan Allen, Wide Receiver, Los Angeles Chargers

Same reason why his quarterback won’t be successful is the exact one why he won’t be. Denver is going to eat that team up and spit them out on the defensive side. They may get lucky and score two or three touchdowns, but odds are, it won’t be by this man. Wide Receiver 28 is where I have him this week, which is not a flattering position. Go look elsewhere.

Amari Cooper, Wide Receiver, Dallas

The theme this week is that it’s week 8 and the players who won’t be great. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Amari Cooper. A man who BARELY cracks the top 5 in PPR formats. That’s even with garbage time play versus the likes of Washington and Arizona. Unless something magical has occurred over the past week of practice, he won’t be even in the top 20 this week. Look at Fulgham or Tyler Boyd.

Robert Woods, Wide Receiver, Los Angeles Rams

Robert is now a touchdown or bust prospect. Just like his counterpart Cooper Kupp. LA has decided to hitch their wagon to their defense and ride it into the playoffs. Once there, we can only hope that Sean McVay takes the lid off of this offense and we see something similar to that magical Monday Night game versus the Chiefs a couple years ago. Robert is my Wide Receiver 32 this week just simply due to the fact they won’t pass it unless they have to.

Cooper Kupp, Wide Receiver, Los Angeles Rams

Read above and insert Cooper Kupp for Robert Woods and vice versa. You can’t trust this passing attack. Only difference, he is my Wide Receiver 30 this week.

Mark Andrews, Tight End, Baltimore

If it feels like I am picking on teams from the coasts this week, it’s because I am. Los Angeles and Baltimore are home to three of the most talented offensive teams in the NFL. BUT. They are all playing against teams who have mastered their home field advantage even without their fanbase. Mark, while he has been a solid TE 1 is facing a defense that doesn’t even give up 40 yards a game to tight ends, let along touchdowns. Bench him. Go find Drew Sample. He will produce more versus a lackluster Tennessee defense.

Well my friends. There it is, our week 8 and the players who won’t be great. Yes, I know, these are radioactive picks for the most part. BUT. Look at the stats. They don’t lie. The teams they are facing are either elite at stopping what they do or they don’t have the supporting cast around them (Dallas) to be successful. Until next time, find me on twitter @Heady_Football you degenerates and tell me I’m horrible. Or, leave me a nice love letter about how I helped you out. Either way. Adios muchachos.

Image Credit: James Lang – USA TODAY Sports